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xxbad 10-19-03 11:38 PM

ive noticed those iguanas whips from there tails really hurt. not bad as most bites but ouch. sometimes my water dragon will wip ppl she dosent know but dosent hurt them to much but she dosent whip me

SCReptiles 10-20-03 03:56 PM

Actually been bitten more time then I can remember, some of the more noteworthy:
17 Burmese Python (right hand)
15 Burmese Python (left hand)
15 Green Anaconda (chest)
5 Nile Monitor (right hand)
3 Caiman (left hand)

PoiSoNouS 10-20-03 05:56 PM

hehhe ive been bit by a ball python last week, and by a baby burmese python a couple of weeks earlier,
and my little IJCP missed her shot one time and thought my finger was a mice and she constricted me until I put her in her water bowl she let me go.. heheh

XxRachxX 10-20-03 06:36 PM

i think iggy tale whips hurt like mad!! especially with iggies with serious attitude problems!
Dude at work got bitten by that same iggy and it shredded his hand to bits, he had to have surgery to repare his.. um.. hand..
sounds nasty!
bitten by small snakes loads, corns and kings, boas, a few beardies and a plated lizard who likes to clamp on!
ive had extremely close calls with the HUGE snakes like anacondas, boas and two very bitchy burms!
ooh and another VERY close encounter with a rather large snapping turtle...
so far ive been quite lucky!

BellyDraggers 10-20-03 07:52 PM


We have a nice collection here.

We have been bitten by our corns, kings, anacondas (Greens and Yellows) burms, retics, balls, Boas of all kinds. Also we have been bitten by some red tegus, Golden tegus, Mali uromastyx and Iguanas. We have gotten our share of monitor bites too. Savannah's, White throats and Argus monitors.the worst one we would have to be a 5 foot Asian water monitor gave les 6 stitches across his wrist.

Well you work with reptiles it sometimes happens.

Scotty & les

reverendsterlin 10-20-03 08:40 PM

reptiles bite? who'd a thunk it!

bob_thesnowman 10-23-03 12:46 AM

lol,i've been bit by a leo once,lol,i should've known better to try and handle something after being shipped here on a plane,i got bit by one,then pissed on by another,lol,decided not to bother the other 6

Tim and Julie B 10-23-03 12:59 AM

Bit by more snakes then I can count, a ornate nile, golden tegu various lizards. Clawed a few times and stug by a scorpion.

Linds 10-23-03 09:38 AM

Too many times to count. Been bitten by everything from an anole to a ~6' BCI.

djc3674 10-23-03 09:54 AM

well..I wish I had a cool bite story..but fortunately for me (knock on wood) I have never been bitten. Ive had snakes when I was younger..just WC Gaters and was lukcy back then too.

Now for the last two years ive been keeping my BCI (which is now 7ft), 3 ft ball python (tame as puppy) and my Hog Island boa which is still pretty young. He's about 6 months old.

I know its just a matter of time though( especially with the hog). The other day I went to take him out and he was pissed I bothered him i think. He hissed like crazy, I mean LOUUUUD and was striking like mad. I figured it would be best to leave him alone. This was the first time he ever did this in the 5 months that I have had him. The next day, I went to take him out and he was aggression at all.

xxbad 10-31-03 01:08 PM

ouch some of these sound really painful i have owned lizards since i was like 3 years old lizards as most of us know arent as big of biters as snakes so i have had to many bad experiences i had a lizard one time who had an attitude to everyone but me it would hiss at me sometimes but it like bit everyone else hmmm
i have been bitten by anoles dosent hurt at all and lil skinks no pain

o and i had a frog that ate mice i wiggled my finger in front of it it tried to bite it put i moved fast enough and i swear this frog ate thos hary mice almost as big as him lol.

Ron 10-31-03 05:02 PM

Funny that I came across this thread, I got tagged by a BP last night. She is a fair size female (~2000 grams), I had her in one hand while I was straightening out her cage with the other and whammo! She was very aggressive when I got her, probably cause she had mites. She has tagged herself several times while I have been handling her but this time she didn't miss.

lolaophidia 10-31-03 09:02 PM

I've been bit by reptiles a few times. The worst bite was my friends 9 ft Retic that hit me twice before I could pull away. She really didn't want to be messed with but I insisted and she let me know it wasn't a good idea. It didn't even bleed till I started moving my hand- then it was a total mess. No stitches thankfully and since I didn't pull away when she hit me there wasn't any tearing so it was just a lot of 1/4 inch deep punctures, perforated. Oh, and the bruise was the worst part. My lovely female Brazilian Rainbow Boa got me a couple nights ago. I hate those long teeth! My Taiwan Beauty snake got me a few years ago in a stupid feeding mistake and broke a tooth off in my finger. The weird part was almost a year later when the tooth worked it's way out like a splinter. I've got some small snakes that bite every so often and that's almost cute. I have to be careful not to flinch for fear of hurting the little guys.
All in all, I've been bit by more mice and rats than snakes, and it's always the cute ones that I'm like "Awe, aren't you OWWW! bugger!" Frozen is definitely the way to go!
Live and learn- they bite and I just need to be more careful!

Slannesh 10-31-03 09:12 PM

Got bit by my BP several years ago, feeding mistake.

Caught me on the 'webbing' between my thumb and index finger. I was reaching into her cage to pull out a mouse she didn't seem interested in. I guess it wasn't warm enough. ;) My hand however seemed to do the trick. Unfortunately I pulled away and she broke off a couple teeth in my hand. Poor little girl. I felt pretty stupid but aside from that one incident she's been good!

B-Rep 10-31-03 09:14 PM


You have some really nasty bites! 17' and 15' burms have HUGE heads on them with hords of razor sharp fangs.

Not to mention the caiman! You are a true soldier...

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