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Old 10-17-03, 06:34 PM   #16 (permalink)
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Zoe, I got bit in the face while cleaning some poop in the bottom of his enclosure, it was just as he was going into season, and I didn't read his body language correctly.
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I have yet to get tagged but my daughter(6) just got tagged on thursday. She had a 4mth old JCP in one hand and went to scratch an itch with the other. Hehe sudden movement, when she brought her hand back down past the little guy TAG! She took it like a trooper didnt freak. She did go a little flush for a second but she will pay more attention next time
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I've been bitten by so many things, you can't even imagine...My worst bite was by my female burmese python when she was 8 feet long. I opened the cage halfway and stuck my hand in there, but she mistakened my hand as food and bit me then wrapped around my whole arm. The only way I could get her off was spraying a nearby bottle of windex in her mouth. I kinda felt bad about the windex but she let go instantly. It hurt like a m.f'er and my hand was shaking like crazy afterwards. That make me put a whole lotta respect on her, and now I keep a bottle of rubbing alchohol by her cage just incase.
Who are you callin' a freak?!
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i have heard at the petstore this guy told me about these green anacondas they can reach from a tree and pull a bird flying in the air and this guy got bit by one of these snakes had no use in his thumb anymore
Perhaps a GTP or a Corallus ssp., definitely not a Green Anaconda.
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I got bitten 18 times but 17 of them were feeding mistakes. The other one was that big ol retic that wanted me for lunch.
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Well I have ben biten from a few animals.

I cary all of them as badges of experiance and lessons learned the hard way.

I have ben biten and whiped buy countles Iguanas biten buy corns,kings,rat snakes for no perticulare reason or for feeding mistakes a bit of both. a few ball pythons got the best of me countles baby burms got ther teeth in me.

The most remeberd bites that I have recived were:

#1) A 3 foot water monitor that need to be given his wormer medicine well when I caught it, it caught me needles to say I did not need to pry the mouth open in any way shape or form. I hurt prety bad. you see you are not the one that takes that monitor off it lets you go when it feals safe to to so and some times they don't let go till they give you some nice and hard chopms to see you on youe way. It was blue and swolen for a week.

#2) A 4 foot green anaconda got the best of me on cleaning day. this was hen I did not know how to use a hook verry well so I did not use them at all needles to say this Anaconda was a verry good teacher and Now I can use a hook with resonable acuarsy.

#3) A 6 foot dumerils Boa they can pack a punch even if it don't look like they can. it was a feeding mistake a Verry Bad mistake
there was 2 in the same cage and I was suposed to seperat them B4 feeding well I forgot that day and I prepared the food and I had all ready started to feed in the room so I desided I wold distract one buy feeding it so That could remove the other with out worring about the other cause it would be feeding. well needles to say that did not work out as pland and I got hit on my right hand buy the one I was trying to feed to distract. I t was almost a hospital job.

#4) A 8 foot boa (BCI) did not like that fact that I was coming to take her water so she let me know. LOL no I think it hapend because I may have moved to fast in front of her face well I did not know where her face was I saw a buldge under the news paper but did not know where the face was facing well I learnd faster then I thaught I and I did not have to move the paper what do ya know lol. it was a defencive bit so it happend so fast I did not have time to feal pain but the blood spoke for it self I was bleeding for about a hour on and off basicly if I took the bresure off it bled but it stoped not to long after an hour and I could count the teeth marks man you can realy fit a bunch of teeth in a Boas

#5) I was hit realy hard one day while I was puting water dishes back It was a 9 foot burm. I did not wash my hands properly and when I put the water bowl back he smeled food and reacted well now I had a 9 foot burm atached t me and could not move it in to much shock to realise the animal was starting to constrict my uperbody ibcludidng my chest and neck area it was more or less perched there but I knew it was a mater of time that as soon as I would start to fight back to remove it, it would start to contstrict it was anchord in it's cage on a branch so I could not realy move the more I moved the more I felt the squese I knew If I paniked it was gona hurt and not Maby. I looked for the bleach bottel and could not see it and then I took it apon my self to try and suprise the animal hoping that if it realised that it bit of more then it could chew it would let go. with that thaught I to my left hand and hooked it right in the ribs and prayed it would be enugh beacaus I knew if it wasent the after effects were could go realy wrong.
The snake let go and I went to the emergensy room to get checked no stitch were needed a few puncture wounds are still kicking around on my hand but that dosen't bother me.

All in all I had a rough rode to get where I am today but I took every bit with the message and teachings that the animal gave me and now I still get biten but nothing like what is was 4 years ago not even as bad as 2 years ago. Along with all thows I was biten buy a bunch of baby crocodilians and a few difrent geckos and such.

Marc Doiron
0.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons,
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I have been bitten on the index finger by a Giant Day Gecko and a baby Crested Gecko. It feels like a pinch
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where to start, ok biggest to smallest

6ft black snake, clamped on my hand, and tagged my neck

3 ft garter clamped on any flesh available and twisted, on the nose too

4 ft northern, clamped on hand, leg arm, every thing

juvi skink bit finger

the list goes on and on with queens, browns, worm snakes , and even the complacant ambystoma here and there
I got a bunch of snakes and a bunch of guns
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I have been bite by to many snakes too name off but the worst was an 12 foot burm ( it did not fell to good lol )

Box :sun:
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I got hit by a 9ft burm I used to have a few years ago. It was my own fault though. I gave him a rabbit. I forgot to wash my hands and when I went to change his water bowl he got me across the knuckles. It was something I won't forget. I also got tagged on the elbow by a 13ft retic 10 years ago. That one was by far the worse of the two.

I get nipped every once in a while by my nile but not really hard bites. He has calmed down big time. Two bites in all the years I've been keeping reptiles isn't too bad I guess.
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Old 10-18-03, 04:18 PM   #26 (permalink)
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I've been bit once by my 6ft boa. She thought I was food.
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Ive been bit by a veild chameleon.

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Old 10-19-03, 08:36 AM   #28 (permalink)
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Yep go to my gallery and see a JCP bit me "bad" ..20 min to him off with alcohol....stitch em [IMG][/IMG]

I can never figure out how to post a picture..duh

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Yep, I've been bitten by a big bad young Spotted Python lmao It made me bleed, it didn't hurt and dad and I laughed because our uneducated selves were under the impression that they had no teeth. LMAO

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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I consider myself very lucky, I've only been bitten by a corn snake, gecko and a adult bearded dragon. I almost took it in the face by my 9 year old boa. She was 2 inches from my face and I looked right down her throat. Thank god she didn't connect!!!!


Finally I Die When I Get Poisoned by These M&M's
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