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Man Eating Snakes 2 (warning really gross)

Found these pics sorry if they are disturbing, you think they are real?


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My guess would be B.S. ! Reptiles mag had a collum explain how these pics are phony. It wasn't about these perticular pics but along the same lines.
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ok firt off the snake would have killed it self just tring to get over the shoulders let alone COMPLETELY swalloiung it right in to its stomach I'll get my shuvle to get rid of this B.S. lol this is the kind of crap that gives snakes a bad name and makes people scared of them
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I agree Bull-***** but is that a Retic? or a Anaconda?

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Looks like a retic to me... hard to say from those. We all know a snake can eat it's own body weight in one go so if a retic gets to be 150-180 pounds or so it could easily eat any one of the people in those pics. I saw a show where an African Rock swallowed a gazelle, giant horns and all so a person of average size wouldn't even be a challenge to a snake that big. On the other hand maybe the pics are fake... Maybe it's that David Blane a**hole, going a real long way for what passes for a magic trick. Or it's the boys from Jackass: "Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville and this is being eaten by a snake".
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yeah... I seen that show too.... that was crazy, you would think those horns would hurt????

I also seen and huge snake on animal planet.... (not sure what it was) Take down an pretty big aligator. Amazing stuff!!
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I can't see any pics for some reason...

When I saw the header, I was thinking of this A&E special they had on last week about circus sideshows and the one tent mentioned that had a sign "150 pound man eating chicken" and people bought tickets thinking it was a humungous chicken eating someone but it was really a 150 pound man sitting on a stool with a bucket of chicken...

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Originally posted by jay76
I can't see any pics for some reason...

I can't see the pics either....

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me niether
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pics will be back later...there is a daily banwith limit on the source site that has been exceeded
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Okay first off, look at the quality of that first picture compared to the last 3. What kind of crap is that? Are they trying to make special affects with the blurry pics or something? I mean, c'mon that is so fake. Plus why are there kids all around the snake... would anyone really let their kids watch a snake being cut open to find a human body? Also, compare the lumps in picture 1 and 4... I dunno about you, but they both look totally different with the fourth one being kind of deformed, and would a human body actually be that round? Or would it be kinda long and slender, but thick? I agree, this is BS... crap like this gives snakes the bad rap they don't deserve. It's a wild snake anyway, it's not like it was someone's pet... god whatever....
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Ya probably fake.........but that Arock took a freaking Gazelle......why not humans???
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it could be true i dont know....but whose gonna stop the kids from looking at the snake, and the pics are probably blurry beccause the first one was takin in the day and the others were at night?
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heres a couple more

NASTY :medpuke:
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Absolute Bull ****, a snake can not swallow a human.
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