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Old 10-17-03, 01:09 AM   #31 (permalink)
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Join Date: Jun-2003
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Thayeri of course! Their color and pattern variability is amazing. Some specimens are absolutely outstanding.
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Location: southern ontario
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my above and beonde favorites are the guyana surinam and peruvian redtail boas
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coxi probably rate tops at the moment albino kenyan a close second but too many others come in right close lol
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Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: Georgia, U.S.A.
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Mehelya capensis of course

A bad year with reptiles is better than a good year without em.
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Location: Regina, SK
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The Atheris vipers - especially the one with the eyelashes - they are so small but gorgeous - bristly scales, intricate patterns and vibrant colors produce such a dramatic package. I would never want to own one, but they are fabulous to look at. Matt posted a photo of his yellow one a while back and it is unforgettable.

For a morph to own - definately tangerine albino honduran milksnake - those with the wide red bands top my wanted list.

mary v.
Mary VanderKop
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Old 10-17-03, 01:04 PM   #36 (permalink)
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It's hard to choose just ONE of the many, many snakes I think are beautiful. But I think all in all, I am quite the sucker for the Crotalus Tigris

Take care,
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IMO normal retics are beautiful.
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Old 10-17-03, 01:17 PM   #38 (permalink)
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A Malaysion Pope's tree viper (Trimeresurus p. popeorum) Or a Waglers Tree viper. There is no better looking snake in the world then some of the Asian Tree vipers. TB
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Old 10-17-03, 01:25 PM   #39 (permalink)
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To add to my list: the african bush viper. I am in love with these little guys.

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Old 10-17-03, 01:26 PM   #40 (permalink)
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Join Date: May-2003
Location: manassas virginia (USA)
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all snakes are my favorite, i fall in love with each and every one i see! but of course i have to give a shout out to Farkus my bp, she is gorgeous!
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Old 10-20-03, 07:11 PM   #41 (permalink)
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Join Date: Apr-2003
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I love piebald bps!!!!!!!!!!!! One day I will have one......
Also Green tree's are amazing, I love all the colors
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Old 10-20-03, 08:04 PM   #42 (permalink)
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Posts: 3,326
Definately the eyelash viper! Such a beautiful pattern and color. I would never in a billion years keep them, but I love them none the less!
Julie B.
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Old 10-20-03, 08:15 PM   #43 (permalink)
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My new coastal

Im a pic wh0re!
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Retics are my absolute favorite,they're beautiful.
Runners up would be rhinoceros viper,Gaboon viper,eyelash viper and anacondas.

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there is a prettiest one?
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