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Gaboon Vipers are great looking. But the Arizona Coral Snake is the most beautiful snake in my opinion.
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I'd say an albino reticulated python, and all the normal localities, especially the dwarfs and sulawesi
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I enjoy looking at naturals such as the Burmese python and corn snake. Can't really say that I thnik there's a "prettiest" though, but womas, BRBs, ETBs, greybanded kings (any locality), banded California kings, apricot pueblans and tangerine hondos along with the naturals are nice to look at for sure.
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High gold jungle bp. There is a photo of one in the bp manual I believe.
Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians - Worldwide Listings <-- Highly recommended.
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jaguar jcp, damn those things are sweeeeet
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The most beautiful snake... the Black Mamba... or the King Cobra.
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I think the black mamba is the most beautifull so gracefull and the coloring their just so amazing!!!!
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My favorites in no particular order:

Gaboon Viper
nicely patterned normal ball pythons

There are so may beautiful snakes though. Large King Cobras are the most awe inspiring
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I think that the Yellow Headed Retic is beautiful there shine is unbelievable!!!!!!
Well the one I have does anyhow and i am always wowed by the size how could it not be your favorite
I also like surinams, hoggs and BRB's
And Cant forget the DUMERILS!!!!!!!
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BRB's, GTP's, most Corn snake morphs are some of my favourites but an Eastern Indigo is probably my all time favourite.
1.1 Corn snakes, 1.0 Black Rat snake, 1.1 Bearded Dragons, 3.4.8 Leopard geckos, 1 Crested gecko
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yellow bellied sea snake
Snakes are the animal that is most dreamed about by women.........I want to be reincarnated as a snake!
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I second the vote for Okeetee corns, they are just gorgeous!
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Albino, Anery, Hype, Ghost, Sunglow boas and Dumerils Boas
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any snake that has a nice bright pattern catches my eye

i love boas (bci, bcc, etc) my favourite has got to be Emerald tree python's. Some day i'll have one. I find most appealing is ones with white stripes and zig zags on'em.
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piebald BP!!!!!!!!
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