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Odd non-herp pets

Heres another interesting query? What strange non-herp pets do you have?

I have:

A miniture pot belly pig
A "Lunar" Blue Crayfish

That crayfish is odd in the extreme and the pig is the smartest animal I have ever known.
"Only through education do we teach the ignorant that which we love is not evil but wonderous"....

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i used to have some ferrits and a sugar glider! does that count?
Jordan David M.

"I Don't Get Mad, I Get Even!"
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none other. it's only reptiles, cats, and dogs for me.
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we only have cats and gerbils
1.1 Leopard Geckos
0.1 Rose Hair Tarantula
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Posts: n/a
Mantids, Jerusalem crickets, rehab'd an owl for a couple of years, a javalina when I was young, a few other odds and ends I'm sure
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nothing really odd......cats dogs, rabbits,rats, mice, and the herps....
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Other than all the herps we have:
Bandogge and Husky Dogs , cats, Tropical fish, koi-outdoor pond, a 150 gal goldfish tank at my studio, budgies, canary, ducks, rat and a "T"

When the small birds move on (pls) i will get a Sun Conure as i dont have the time for a Green Wing Macaw..

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That way, when you criticize them you're a mile away and you have their shoes.
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My mom and I used to have skunks. But they are illegal now.

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Location: Craven, Saskatchewan
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I used to have a ferret and am thinking about getting another one, also I'm currently helping look after some young ducks my grandparents rescued from a coyote at their farm. Besides that I have my Bandogge and Springer Spaniel and the reptiles of course.
1.1 Corn snakes, 1.0 Black Rat snake, 1.1 Bearded Dragons, 3.4.8 Leopard geckos, 1 Crested gecko
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i have dogs and cats as well, but i also have a mountain coatimundi, patagonian cavy, mynah bird, prairie dog, hedgehogs and a horse
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Nothing we have is odd being there are so many private collectors keeping them, but I guess the Tiger, bobcats, lynx, wolves - Pure, duck, owl and two hawks would fit into this catagory.. Ive always wanted a warthog.... Xain
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I once had a brown squirrel for a while. Great pet, very smart. I had him potty trained and everything in the house. Unfortunately he was a rescue and died about 3 months later.
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Please Email Boots
Join Date: Mar-2005
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I have an Egyptian spiny mouse. Truly odd but cool. TB
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Join Date: Oct-2003
Location: Edmonton, Canada
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The weirdest non-herp I have ever had is a Praying Mantis.
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Location: Canada
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Pair of Afr. Pygmy hedgehogs; an albino and a regular.
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