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snakemann87 10-14-03 12:22 PM

Free Cages!
Hey guys! I was at my friends and my dad rides up and makes me get in.....I had no clue why but I just went with it. Well when I got to our destination the guy(my dads friend) had 5 cages for me. 3 15's 1 10 and a 50 gallon.

I kept the 60 and 2 15's.

Ill get pics later when they are CLENA(theyre a mess).

jaybox_reptiles 10-14-03 12:54 PM

that kool don........... my moms frind from work gave me a 50gall two35l gall and two 25hi gall........... i just love it when this kind of stuff happens

lilyskip 10-14-03 03:11 PM

oh man. i've said it a million times...I need to find friends like you guys have!

jay76 10-14-03 04:37 PM

What a score Don! Now you just have to fill 'em up eh? ;)

Gotta love free tanks! I got a 60g with cannister filter and stand for 50 bucks. Not free, but dang well close to it.

Lisa 10-14-03 04:55 PM

Free cages are always good.

Linds 10-14-03 09:23 PM

Free stuff is the best stuff! :D

sapphire_moon 10-14-03 09:31 PM

Lucky you!

jaybox_reptiles 10-14-03 09:53 PM

free is good lol

BOAS_N_PYTHONS 10-14-03 09:56 PM


Cool very cool

Last time I remember my dad driving up and telling me to get in car meant I was aiming for a whipping, lol.



alan 10-15-03 02:42 AM

Nice, I just got two free display shelves last Sunday too to stack my crested gecko tanks up :D

snakemann87 10-15-03 06:54 AM

Yeah it is...and good find for you who got free stuff as well.

Yness 10-15-03 08:49 AM

getting the free cage was part of my motivation to get my brb this told me that it was meant to be....then about a week after i got her a second one was given to me and now i am taking my time deciding what i want to put in it :)

snakemann87 10-16-03 05:53 AM

How big of a cage for the BRB and how bigs the new one?

I'm putting my ball python in the 50 and maybe putting leos in the 2 15s.

Could I put a crestie in a 15? I want to breed some type o fgecko and I konw that leos would be fine in 15s what about cresties?

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