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Removed_2815 10-13-03 12:20 PM

Attacked by Honeybees *pics*
Well, there seems to never be a dull moment for me when I go for a walk with my camera!

I decided to take my Basset Hound, Clyde, to the local conservation area. Last time I was there I noticed an abandoned apiary. The apiary is hard to find and deep within the woods where there are no trails (I don't think anyone knows it's there). I attempted to explore it further last time when my dog was stung a few times (so we took off running).

I decided to harness Clyde up again today and set out to have another look. I managed to locate the apiary again (there are at least a dozen three foot stacks with masses of Apis mellifera (Honey Bees) vibrating within). I tied Clyde up to a tree a few metres away so I could get a closer look without him provoking them. I managed to snap one pic before being stung once in the head and once in the back. I was under the impression that unlike many other hymenopterans, honeybees are not likely to sting unless provoked (which is true apparently).

Anyway, I had a few more bees still in my hair and perhaps 6 inside my shirt so I knew they were all going to sting as soon as that first one stung (they release a chemical messenger, a pheromone, that causes the other workers to attack the intruder).
Once again, I took off running (dropped my camera) and unlatched my dog from his leash. I had to take off my shirt and get the bees off of my body and out from the inside of my shirt. Final Count = 7 stings (three in the head and four on my back). The area on my head feels like I got thumped with a baseball bat.

I can only presume that I inadvertently stepped on a bee while crouching to take a pic and this pheromone release put them in defense mode.

Good thing I am not allergic!

Vanan 10-13-03 12:23 PM

Hot damn! Talk about a close shave!

DarkHunter 10-13-03 12:53 PM

Owch, that sucks, nice picture though....i guess it better be a damn good picture considering what you went through ;) Was the dog okay (very cute dog by the way i love them they always look so depressed lol)

Jeff_Favelle 10-13-03 12:59 PM

That's crazy man! Good thing you're not allergic! Great pic though.

reverendsterlin 10-13-03 01:07 PM

not me, not here! too big a chance of a possible africanization of any hives in this area.

seann 10-13-03 01:11 PM

i am allergic!
I was in the forest once playing three ninjas and i side kicked a tall hollow stump and bees went flying out, a run like a mofo three stung me on the head and one on the neck for a week i was swollen and in pain it was fun!

lilyskip 10-13-03 02:25 PM

oh gosh...masses of bees definitely freak me out. glad you're okay, though! what happened to the camera?

Linds 10-13-03 02:56 PM

LOL crazy times! Nice pic :)


Originally posted by lilyskip
what happened to the camera?
I'm guessing by the pic he got it back :p

Lisa 10-13-03 03:09 PM

You should get one of those bee keeper outfits.

Syst3m 10-13-03 03:13 PM

Not to be a jerk or anything but thats almost worth a darwin award. Usually when I'm walking in the woods, and I hear a loud vibrating sound, I go the other way, camera or not.

I'm very glad to hear that your ok.

Removed_2815 10-13-03 03:31 PM

Yup, I went back and got the camera. I also had to retrieve the dog leash from the tree, but I managed to escape unscathed that time.

I suppose comparing me and this adventure to being worthy of a "Darwin Award" would make you a "jerk", in my humble opinion. That is quite an insult!
I have worked in an apiary before, hence my knowledge on the subject of most hymenopterans and the tranquil disposition of the honeybee (unless provoked).
Man, congratulation on one of the most asinine comments I have encountered on this forum.

TheRedDragon 10-13-03 04:43 PM

Cool pic, and good thing you're not allergic!

Invictus 10-13-03 07:34 PM

Man, if that were me, you'd find my corpse the next day. If you happened to be walking that way. You get the picture. (HIGHLY allergic here.) Glad you're ok, and the pic turned out very nice!

Hatched Exotics 10-13-03 08:59 PM

I agree with Invictus.. Nice pic.. and I'll add another one to that body count if it had been me...

Solid Snake 10-13-03 09:06 PM

lol wow, i hate bees or any big that bites/stings...

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