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Crocodile Hunter Vs Jeff Corwin

i'm just wondering which reptile show or guy people like the most.
Crocodile Hunter, Jeff corwin Experience , O'Sheas Big Adventure, and Nigels Wild wild World. I personally liked the Crocodlie Hnter alot better befor he made the movie. I view him as somewhat of a sellout now. I like O'Shea the best because he seems the most knowledgeable and he always looks for rare reptiles that aren't very common.
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I like this show called Saboomafoo or something like that LoL it is funny and educational about all sorts of animals
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O'shea is my favorite, he seems to be more responsible than the others
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LOL...I watch Zoboomafoo too! Well, considering I don't get Mark O'Shea's...., Jeff Corwin..., or Nigels'...., I guess I have to say I like Crocodile Hunter best outta the bunch I have only seen one show by Mark O'Shea, It wasn't one of his regular series though, it was a doc on the Discovery Channel, but I did like it
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I think each is good in a different way. C.Hunter for "down under" stories and the human side to the zoo experience. Corwin has a lot of U.S. stuff and always a lighter side.O'shea seems to show collecting for scientific reasons. Met him last year at Daytona-nice guy. I sometimes think the C.H. is going to get a youngster bitten by the way he shows his "tailing" of a venomous snake.
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Isn't Zoboomafoo Kratt's Creatures??
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yeah.. i was thinking wasnt it that show with that monkey or whatever that keeps jumping around and stuff? i think i have only seen croc hunter and nigels wild world or whatever.. i thik i like croc hunter better.. but my dad thinks that steve is nuts.. lol..
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I like Corwin, cause he is pretty funny, at least he makes me laugh. I like the C.H. when he is going for big crocs, and O;shea is definatley the most serious, and I agree with Big Scott, he goes after hard to find snakes.
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Old 08-02-02, 11:04 PM   #9 (permalink)
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Jeff Corwin all the way baby!!!!!

He's definately the funniest......
Grant van Gameren
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Old 08-03-02, 12:30 AM   #10 (permalink)
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They're all entertaining in my opinion... I do like Corwin the best - mainly the humor I suppose... I think O'Shea really had an experience on the episode with the female King Cobra that came to him in a temporary enclosure. They were testing her for response to the vocalised 'growl' that Kings emit... I think he saw something a bit more in depth within that creature's eyes...than he was expecting; he seemed to be a bit changed - for the better.

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Zoboomofoo and Kratt's Creatures are two diff shows. At first when I saw Kratt's creatures I thought it was the same. There really isn't THAT much difference between the two shows. Same hosts, same setup, etc.
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Zoboomofoo is a lemur, not a monkey [made the mistake of calling him a monkey and got my head torn off by my 4 yr old!]

I like CH, and Steve is NUTZ.. But all of them have amazing jobs I'd take anyone of them in a heartbeat!
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