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an emperor scorpion is much too large a species for a 2.5gal. when I said scorpion I meant something small like a chinese golden (mesobuthus martinsii), one of the small bark scorpions (centroides ssp), tiny pebble scorpion (Butheolus gallagheri), or something else small. I do like the hermit crab an another couple to consider are Zachrysia provisoria Cuban Garden Snail and Achatina marginata the Giant African Land Snail though both would need a lid.
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2.5 gallons of water
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I think i will go with Enso's idea of a mini bonsai garden for the 2.5g
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I have a 2.5 gal or two, I used them to house hatchling frogeye geckos a few years ago. I think that the Betta idea is a good one.
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u could make a nice water heated incubator for eggs
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those really small reed frogs...
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I keep my betta in a 2.5g, you can also keep medium sized tarantulas, but those would need a lid, scorpions are another thing i can think of that dont climb glass and that would fit into a 2.5, something like a young emperor or young asian forest, or some centruriodes species, maybe even a desert hairy scorp, or a sand scorp

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I know of a person that keeps a trio of israili dune geckos (S. petri) in a 2.5 gallon, they actually love the tank and are even producing fertile eggs.
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How about a pet rock easy to keep and does not need much j/k i would keep it for a holding tank as well

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A couple Micro Geckos would work.

Things are small though so you would need a good lid but I had a friend that had 4 or 5 of them living in a 1 gallon Ice Cream container. They were even laying eggs but he never tried to hatch them.

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If you can make a lid for the tank I would go for a tarantula Small to medium species will be fine in that size enclosure and will be a nice display if decorated a little.

Definitely would be my choice!
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Originally posted by reverendsterlin
the Giant African Land Snail though both would need a lid.
Giant African Land Snails require more than a 2.5 gallon enclosure as adults.
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