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What do you do?

Just curious as to what everyone does. to help fund their addiction.At least that is what some may call it.I find myself thinking about reptiles quite know the wanting, needing, having to have just one more,then once youget it you say you'll stop for awhile or you could quit anytime......anyways just wondering what you do for a living

Darren o>
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I have a generous mother.

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Join Date: Jul-2002
Location: Lethbridge, Alberta
Posts: 439
Just realized that I didn't say what I did.I workina high school(youth worker)and i am a co-manager in a night club(floor supervisor)
"Consciousness: That annoying time between naps."
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i work at a reptile store so i get my self into trouble by getting reptiles (wonder where all my paychecks go??) lol
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Join Date: Jul-2002
Location: Lethbridge, Alberta
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lucky you sungazer thats what i need
"Consciousness: That annoying time between naps."
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I am a graduate student and work as a graduate teaching assistant leaving me a little bit each year that I can spend on herps.
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Im an Ironworker and my lovely wife is in sales
Joe Burch.
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Location: Ottawa, Canada
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I'm the curator of a reptile zoo, and everyday I think: "I'm getting paid to play with herps all day!" How cool is that.

It cures my addiction for needing more reptiles as I know how much work it takes on a daily basis... and sometimes I put in alot of long hours there.

But I can not say no to peoples unwanted Chameleons!


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I work as a commercial glass estimator by day, and usually by night and weekends I am building cages either for myself or for others.

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Greg West
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I work in the Construction inustry, (Lafarge Construction) and every pay check, My wife and I get 100 bucks each, for whatever we want to buy. This works great, as long as we don't start letting each other borrow our money. Other than that, this system works out great!!!! She's happy, I'm happy, and when she is happy, EVERYBODY is happy! LOL
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I am a zookeeper ( With Trace - I have to slap her into place often) ... My job mainly consist of doing educational presentations on the road and Fairs and when I work in the zoo I am generally the entertainner .. I do feedings like feedings .. like a white throat or a burm or a cane toad in front of the public...

Its a fun Job .. I seem to always be the center of attention. Except for that .. I am also the idiot who seems to take care of the animals no one wants to go in the cages with .. I love it ...

Its the best job for me .. although It does not cure my want for reptiles .. I can't stop getting more .. I think Tracey is going to kill me soon, seing that she'll be a new room mate soon .. lol

Take care guys
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I am a truck mechanic for Penske Truck Leasing, Penske are the same people who own all of the famous car racing teams...but alas i never get to work on those, lol.
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Location: Edmonton, Alberta
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I'm an engineering technologist, I do computer aided drafting. I have drafted a lot of different things from oil rigs to underground fibreglass tanks to tents and fabric shelters...just to name a few.

It doesn't pay enough to get all the herps that I want but at least it keeps me out of trouble durring the day.
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I'm an industrial maintenance mechanic for General Shale Brick....

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