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luckly i haven't had any escapes from my snakes but i did have a leo get out of her enclosure. She escaped durning the night and i found her 10 min. after i woke up. She was hiding under the couch and she was a little chilly. Thank god we found her. Other than that nothing has escaped. Hopefully they never will!!!!
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wow jayson thats funny i also lost an everglades for about six months and one day i accidently knocked one of my roof panels up and he fell out right on my head. lol
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Huxley got out and it freaked the crap out of me. I found him about four or five hours after I noticed he was gone, a soap drawer, nonetheless. It makes a funny story now, but it was less than entertaining at the time (a group of researchers at Yale are thinking of turning my Huxley-escape story into a short screenplay to use in psychological experiments. heh heh.
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lost my jungle x diamond python about 2 months ago...
have not seen hin since. it really sucks, my only male.
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What a coincidence, a group of researchers at Yale have been doing something simillar with me. More of an article in a medical journal than a screen play in my case though.
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Nope no escapee's yet! I think the only one that could actually escape is my little corn....but geeze! She's gotten SO big! She has atleast doubled in length/width since we got her (not even 2 months ago!) Why didn't anyone tell me they grow FAST.
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I never lost a snake, but i did lose a blue tongued skink a few months back. He's about 2 ft. long and chubby and slow, but he got lost for 11 days! I found him stuck in the box spring under my bed. He was so fat he couldn't get out. He ended up being just fine, other than very thirsty and very hungry.
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Just last week I lost one of my baby albino Okeetee corns. I was so frantic that--like a complete idiot--I tried to move the shelving the snake cages sit on to see if she was hiding under them. I bet you can guess that the top plastic container fell, plastering the floor with water and aspen shavings...AAAAAAAA! Luckily, the resident snake was startled, but OK.

I was so mad!!!

I realized I would need a dirty towel to clean up the mess, so I headed for the bathroom. I picked up the only dirty towel on the bathroom closet floor and underneath it was my escapee.

I still can't believe it happened this way. Had I not spilled soaked shavings all over the ground, I would not have found her so soon. I had planned to search the areas closest to the snakes first, including a closet with a heavy bookcase in it. She was at the room farthest away from the snake area.

Unbelievable! Total luck.
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