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We have 3 cats, 2 of which are facinated by the snakes. We've had to cover some of our snakes so they don't see the cats and strike the glass. The cats are stupid and just sit there too. The one that goes into empty tanks also likes boxes, and has a rug covered box that she loves to hide in and bat at the other animals when they go by.
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Ugh! The bed! Where all the dirt, superworms (yes he opened a latch and let loose several hundred supers in to the house, which are now turning up as beetles ) and other such delights end up. Bah! I swear the cat is immune to me screaming at him at this point. He's such a suck too. If I try to leave the room he grabs on to my legs and bites. If I'm ignoring him (ie- talking on the phone, etc) he viciously attacks me (rabies). Used to do it too when I was sleeping but he got over that eventually and now usually sleeps. But he has to sleep on me or on my pillow, and sometimes if he wakes up he will start eating my hair He always wants to be held like a baby and gets frustrated if you don't, he leaps in to your arms all the time... I swear he would never walk anywhere and would just be carried around like a baby for the rest of his life if he could I have a 33 gallon with spiny mice in it, he jumps on top and they jump up the ladders and climb around on the screen top to play with him....lmao! They are fearless little rodents!
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Our dog and one of the cats are the biggest sucks you've ever seen. so jealous of you doing something or holding a different animal. they chase the remaining 2 cats away. Pushy little 'tards. I'm half tempted to let the dog try and intimidate one of the bigger snakes but that wouldn't be nice.
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LOL linds cats are so silly!!!

It's not my cat but it's in the same house. It's name is Dumb A$$ very well deserved name also. I live in the basement along with my reptiles. And the cat lives upstairs with his owner. We have to becareful and make sure the door is shut at all times or the sneaky cat will come down a few steps then theres a hole that leads to the ceiling that he goes to and hides Until the time is right. We've caught him a few times in our gecko colony (75 gal. tank). Luckly he never has hurt or eaten anybody but he did try to catch the house on fire once. He knocked the heat lamps onto the couch. Yikes, luckly my boyfriend got home not to long after he did it. He really earns his name Dumb a$$!!!! but ya gotta love him.
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My cat spends most of his time in the room due to the fact that one of the dogs thinks its his mission on earth to kill the kitty
I like both cats and dogs. I had many different dogs in the past but never had a cat.
I like tall cats with long feet and triangular head.
Do you know any type like this?
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holy geez, that's crazy. i'm in anthropology lecture right now (wireless internet) and the professor was just talking about how our ambivalence towards cats comes from our evolution from the bottom to the top of the food chain--cats used to prey on us, so now that we are at the top of the chain, we keep them as pets to symbolize our victory. hmm.
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Hahaha that's an awesome cat. Mine's too dumb for anything like that! lmao

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i dont think the enclosure is large enough for that room for him to stretch out, and no hides
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LMAO funny how cats always seem to land those names!
I gotta steal your cat's name if I ever get male Linds! That's too funny!

shoulda named her dammit since thats what we call her most the time........should be the universal name for cats...dammit get over here!!!! lol........
HAHA It likely is the most popular nickname for a cat... that's how it started with me, my cousin gave her to me because she had 2 really young girls and got tired of vacuuming the cat hair off the furniture, floors, ceiling, and kids. Carrie said her name was "Abigail" which I thought *was* kinda cool, I'm a King Diamond fan, but it turned into "Dammit! Get the hell out there!" and Get of the table, dammit!" it was soon "Dammit! Dinner's ready!" lol

She spazs out big time too... I have this long low chest of drawers under one of my windows, with a box for her to sleep on/jump up to the window from, she came tearing out of my bedroom and hopped up on a box of computer paper that I left in front, but from an angle, and she's so fat that she couldn't get all the way up and butt I swear swung like a pendulum... she fell off, shook her head, GLARED at me, then tore off again... I suppose it was my fault really LOL
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our fat cat decided to play a little fooly on us at about 3:30 A.M...the mrs. and I were zzzzzzz when outta nowhere came a helllllooooo....we woke as if somebody poured a little cauldron of molten lava on us!!! we looked a t the doorway to see our fat cat "Bubs" just sitting there by the door. Again we heard the hello....from HIS mouth!!! Heart attacks subsided, back to sleep...and now we encourage him to talk!!!(who's the fool!!lol)....Yep...Buggers....
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my 2 cats are just as bad though they have not figured out how to open anything. they just like to get on top of or in front of all the tanks/cages. we have 14 snakes-9 lizards! we have had 2 baby snakes get out at diff. times the cats found both, did not kill just played with! saved me alot of trouble! same with any tricky rodents. this house is their personal playground.
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My cats learned very quickly that were not allowed to bat at the snakes in the cage. A spray bottle full of water really works. They do lay on top of the cage, hanging over the edge looking in. The snakes get nose to nose through the wire and never any problems. Even the dog like watching the snakes moving in the cage. I swear, when I first brought the boas home, the cats,all 5, would spend hours watching them through the wire. They (the cats) actually took to sleeping in front of the cage on the floor. I started covering the cage at night to give the snakes some seperation from the other animals. That is as close as they are allowed tho.
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Yeah, remember those days, when the cats used to eat us? Glad that's over! Now I go to the zoo once a month, hop the first fence and punch lions through the bars of their cages, right in their stupid cat faces and threaten to put them in a stir fry. "NOW WHO'S AT THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN? YOU STUPID F..." For simillar reasons I also kick the zebras.
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ugh...cats........I've been avoiding this post as to keep my ill feelings towards these critters fettered but here it goes... We have two in the house. One is super mellow and laid back (and I think he's mastered the english Paul Vaders post for details) the other one is wired 24hrs a day and if there's something within reach to destroy...she will destroy it!! Our furniture is trashed, my plants are ragged with broken leaves, the constant meowing for attention....aaaaaaaargg!!Hey, I thought these guys are supposed to be independent! I love them both, but HER personality wears me
The snake rooms are off limits to the cats(no if, ands, or buts about it!), although I don't think there's much to worry about with the boy, he's so fat he can barely jump onto the couch, let alone chase something. The only bad thing he does is steal the other cats food!lol oh and the dog food as well!
o.k. done with the rant!
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lol my mums friend has 2 cats ones realy melow the other is fat and agresive one of my mums friends, friends still has a scar on his hand from the fat one.
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