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Ken Taylor has passed - Please Read

Yesterday a good friend of mine passed away. Ken Taylor was an avid herper and bred some of the most beautiful snakes I have ever seen. Ken was the one who helped me out with my first pair of snakes when I decided to start pursuing this hobby more seriously. Ken was always there for me if I had a question or needed help medicating a sick snake but he was also there if I needed someone to just talk to. Ken Helped me through a lot of stuff. I found out Ken had passed when I went to his house to return a container he let me use to transport my new pair of Apricot Pueblan's that I purchased off him the day before and that is what made it the hardest for me because I talked to him before he died but I guess I should be thankful that I got to see him one last time. I would like anyone who has met Ken or known him for awhile(even if you haven't met him if you could pay your respects it would be greatly appreciated) to please post your memories, stories or anything you can think of about Ken Taylor.

Thank You Everyone

Steve Semerko

RIP Ken Taylor

As a tribute to my friend I have also decided to name my Apricot's Ken(or Kenny) and Taylor so I will always have something to remember him by.

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Even though I don't know after reading your post, he's got to be a nice guy and a great friend of yours.

I wish him the best where ever he is and will seek happyness for ever.

RIP Ken Taylor
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What !!...No way, How did he die???? Ride In Peace BRO.....from RRMC1%
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Chas*e: He had cancer of the larynx and I think that might have been what caused it.
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OMG! No! I knew I should have called to find out when he told us he was going for checks cos they suspected cancer in his throat and he didn't call for months after that. I still remember how he was telling us about his breakup and how he's hanging in there. But now I feel wretched that I couldn't have spoken to him after he found about his cancer being confirmed.

Ken was the kinda guy who stuck with what he believed in and maybe protected it somewhat fiercely. But his heart was always in a good place when it came to his animals. We shared his interest with NA colubrids, especially, hogs, coastal plain milks and eastern milks. I wish I had got to know him more as we had only started talking over the phone after his breakup. Wish we had had a chance to meet him in person. But I guess that's never gonna happen.

Even though I never got to speak with you again after that last call Ken, me and Katt won't forget you. Hope there's enough eastern milks up there buddy. RIP BIG KEN.
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Ken was a very good guy and the herp community will miss him.

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Oh gosh.. I am very sorry to hear that. Ken was a great guy, always full of stories. The herp community has lost a valuable member.
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Ken was one of those guy,s who protected what he believed in 100% and will be veryyyyyyyyy sadly missed bye allot of ppl.I have known Ken for a few year,s and the last time we spoke he told me he could see it coming.He was and still is one hell of a guy Rest in peace my brother and ride free you will be missed dearly.
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I spoke with Ken up to his last three weeks, and he was in good spirits and still full of gags and jokes. Our prayers are with you Ken. RIP
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Our thoughts are with you Kenny....

For those that didnt know Kenny he was simply a great guy all around. He was there whenever we needed anything and his efforts within the reptile hobby were unmeasurable. He will be missed and always remembered.

Chris "rock star"
and the rest of the guys here
If everyone could just get along this world would be better for all living things.
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The first time i spoke with Ken wasn't very pleasent, but we settled our problems and spoke on a few occasions after that to which he was nothing but pleasent to speak with and always willing to help with any questions i had.. From the little bit that i spoke with him i gathered that he was a great person and very passionate in everything he enjoyed.. My Thoughts are with you and your family Ken!!
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Well I must say that I am shocked at this news! Kenny was a great guy and he will surely be missed. I have known Ken for about 6 years and he was one of the nicest people out their.

In fact just the other day I was thinking that I hadn't talked to Ken in a while and I was going to give him a call. But having 2 full time jobs and a life on top of that doesn't give you much time to do everything that you want to do. Now I am very sorry I didn't make that call!

I talked to Clint and Andrea Gilders a couple minutes ago and Andrea informed me that Ken did not have throat cancer (which Ken had told me a couple months ago). At this point they don't know what happend to him but they suspect his heart gave out as he was always had heart problems. Funeral arrangements are being arranged for Tuesday Oct 7th.

Rest is Peace!
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Ken was very vocal of his opinions and he ALWAYS cut to the chase with absolutely no bull (how could you not admire that?). On more than a few occasions he came to my defense on the ksnake forums and I have always had a strong reverence toward him. I had seen him a few weeks ago while I was visiting family in Peterborough but I didn't get a chance to talk.
He will be greatly missed.
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I never met Ken, but from all your comments it sounds like it was my loss.
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I didn't know Ken, but he sounds like he was a great person. Good people always die too early. My condolences.
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