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Ken was a great guy and very well respected in the herp comunity, Rest in peace bud!
Joe Burch.
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I never knew Ken, but I extend my condolences. He sounded like he was a wonderful guy. RIP Ken.
Erin Keller :eb:
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I just wanted to share my sense of loss with you all as well. Ken was a great friend to my husband, Clint.
To extend what Corey said earlier, Ken and his drs were quite certain that he had throat cancer earlier this year but the tests came back negative to everyone's surprise, he was clear. The funeral will be on Tuesday at Comstocks in Peterborough for anyone who needs to know that.
He is survived by his 7 children incuding Joey, Ken Jr, Wyatt and Raven as well as several grandchildren.
He was always colourful, always loud and always had your back. We will miss him.
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I never know what to say on threads like this. Words can not explain the shock and sadness I feel right now.

For many years I knew of Ken through his reputation and his dedication to all things herp. I did have the chance to meet Ken earlier this year and what a guy! That's a trip I'll never forget. He welcomed me into his home, we had some beers and we shared some funny stories. What I'll always remember about Ken is his immeasurable knowledge on North American snake species.

He will be missed. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

I don't like reggae... oh no. I LOVE IT!
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My sincere condolences to your family and friends

Jungle Jen
:eb: JJ and the Zoo
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Oh No..,
this is just about as bad as it gets people..
Being an old schooler, it hardly feels dignified to respond in this way, but then Ken met and had lots of friends on-line.
Kenny, which only I got away with calling him (Big Ken to most of you)
was a terrific guy! He enjoyed life and lived life to the fullest
He fought for what he beleived in and what he thought was right, and we should all remember... Kenny had excellent morals
and he had the "right idea" about, herping and life in general.
I considered him a colleage, a great all round guy
a great breeder, and a fantastic contributor to Canadian Herpetoculture.
He fostered and supported the new kids,(you know who you are) and was never afraid to back up his feelings....

We've lost someone very special

Fondest regards..
Uncle Roy
Herpetology - more than a hobby
It's a Lifestyle
celebrating 26 years of herp breeding

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We will all miss Ken. He was a great person. Never any BS and never held anything back. He was as real as it gets.

We will miss you Ken!!!!!!!!
Paul, Lorraine and Family
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Man... I only dealt with him once and he was an absolute pleasure to deal with. My condolences to his family and friends.
Cranwill's Captive Bred Snakes
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We read the post when it was fresh, and then went out herping in memory of Ken.

When we were new to the hobby, he introduced himself to us fairly quickly. I was always amazed how much we had in common, inside and outside of herping.

For 3 months, we have been meaning to call him - hadn't heard from him lately. Katt, Vanan, and us were going to phone him together, to tell him he needed to come out to look at the bullsnakes with us.

For as tough a guy as he was, he sure was helpfull and friendly.

He took my constant jokes about his age very well, and even though I probably went over the line a few times, not once did he get offended.

If Ken can read this "looks like I'm winning the pituophis competition now, eh Kenny"

Even though we never met him in person, we will really miss him.

Ryan and Sheila
I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, stranger, I am ungrateful to these teachers.
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I only knew of Ken through the stories of others and by his reputation but everything i've heard has always been positive. I wish I could have met him as I believe he would have been a great friend to have.

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Please Email Boots
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Oops, sent one from Retic chic.

Sheila and I also wanted to send our condolences to all Kens family and good friends.

If Ken's passing saddens us this much, I can't imagine how much the people who really knew him well must feel.

Rest In Peace big Ken, we will miss you

Ryan and Sheila
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RIP Big Ken
ken helped me out on several ocasions with everything to advice on substrate to medical treatment that saved the life of 5 rescued snakes i got in one time won't find too many people with the knowledge and know how as BigKen

as i don't believe in good bys i will say see you later bro and thanks for everything

your friend
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I was shocked to hear that Ken has passed away. I had been planning to give him a call this week since we hadn't talked in a while. I have many great memories of chatting with him after the shows and spending time at his place photographing his animals.
I know he'll be missed by the herping community.

(Ken at the Annual Ride for Critters fundraiser for the local Humane Society.)

My condolences to his family and friends.

Stewart Stick
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Oh man was this a shock! I only talked to him through emails and not for a while now. My condolences to his family and friends
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Ken will truly be missed. I feel as though I have lost one of the best friends I have ever had. I knew Ken for awhile when I was just a wee lad and then I had lost contact with him when my family moved to Port Hope and then when we moved back to Peterborough and I decided to pursue the herp hobby more seriously I stumbled accross Ken's Website and gave him a call. When I met him for the first time(well second) I was a little scared to tell the truth. But after talking with him I was quickly put at ease. I owe a lot of my knowledge of snakes to Ken and I have always looked up to him as a herper and a friend. I feel however that I have betrayed that friend because today I went to change the water in my cages when I realized that I had accidentaly left the lid on one of my new pueblan's cage partially open and she got out. I feel really bad because the pueblans have a sentimental value to remind me of Ken and now one of them is gone. I hope I find her alive and well.

Ken, you will always be my friend and my mentor, and as always an inspiration. I'll miss you man.

My condolences go out to Ken's family and friends.

Steve Semerko

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