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meow_mix450 10-04-03 10:30 AM

My Dogs Gone!

Im am really upset right now, been crying all night....last night i went to my friends house to watch a moive and have some fun. But after that i came home, and i didnt hear my dogs barking, so i found it odd. Went up stairs and both my dogs were gone. Asked my mom what happened and she told me she took them to the shelter, with out telling me, i didnt even get to say good bye!!! and i think they put one to sleep, cause hes very aggersive:mad: :mad: just wanted to tell a sad story

JeffT 10-04-03 10:34 AM

ah man that sucks. I dont know what I would do if my parents took away my big black lab. Have the dogs been doing anything wrong lately like ruined any furniture or something like that? Really sorry to hear that.

DarkHunter 10-04-03 10:35 AM

im really sorry about your dogs but i really dont think it was right for your mother to do that if they were your dogs!!!

XxRachxX 10-04-03 10:37 AM

oh! thats awful :( did they have a reason to go?? or did your parents threaten you with "taking them to the shelter" before?
i think it was a bit cruel not to let you say goodbye:(

mark129er 10-04-03 10:39 AM

always sad when you lose a pet even worse when you don\'t get to say goodbye.

meow_mix450 10-04-03 10:43 AM

no my dogs have done nothing wrong, she just doesnt like them, but it should of let me said bye, she didnt care how i felt about this, she has said she would take it to the shleter before, but she said she would tell me before she takes it there

chas*e 10-04-03 11:31 AM

She could have waited and gave them away to a good home.....bad move but don\'t judge her to harshly..parents sometimes make instruction booklet comes with parenting.....

Burm41 10-04-03 11:52 AM

Ahh! im sorry, i the only pet i really had died was my cat :( and i didnt know her well since she lived with my grandmother for about 9 years :( im sorry that your dogs are gone.

TheRedDragon 10-04-03 12:07 PM

Man, that really sucks, I\'m sorry to hear that. Yes, your mother was definitely in the wrong for not letting you at least say goodbye to them, and not waiting to find a good home for them.

Dani33 10-04-03 12:10 PM

I am sooo sorry. I have two dogs and if anything ever happened to them I would be very upset. It would be that much harder not being able to say goodbye.

Jacenta 10-04-03 12:52 PM

I know exactly how you feel... it really really sucks.... same thing happened to me last year. :(

Lisa 10-04-03 04:08 PM

That bites. I feel for you.

tHeGiNo 10-04-03 04:11 PM

Wow, thats messed. I really hope they weren\'t put to sleep.

LISA127 10-04-03 07:54 PM

I\'m so sorry for you. That wasn\'t fair to you, and it also wasn\'t fair to your dogs. That breaks my heart. *hugs* for you.

lilyskip 10-04-03 09:47 PM

Gosh, that\'s beyond terrible. I\'m really sorry to hear that.

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