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Montreal exotics....

I'll be in Montreal on Saturday and Sunday, and I'm looking for some reptile/exotic stores etc. to visit. I've been to Mtl countless times, but never had the time to check anything out. This time I will, so where should I visit?
Store names and addresses would be sweet.

Jeff Stemmler
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Magazoo is awesome.

Reptile Amazone is awesome too. I build their ewebsite 3618 Notre Dame West

Nature Pet Center by far has the healthiest animals in the best condition though along with gorgeous setups.
8350 Newman Blvd.
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You can come and visit me too, we have many snakes and some lizards...

1047 Fleury Est.

"Just be yourself. It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else."
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I was at Reptile Amazon back in August when I was on my honeymoon. It was a nice place. I got to meet Emily too! BTW Emily I finally got that cage finished that I bought all the suplies for that day. I'm not slow or anything am I? Should have pics up tonight along with my new order from Roy Stockwell.
While in Mtl don't forget about the Bio-dome.
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I called Reptile Amazone a few weeks ago to buy a couple of Trinket snakes, as I had purchased 0.1 Trinkets when they were here for the last Toronto Herp expo. I was told that they only sell to pet stores here (other than at the expo.) so they couldn't sell me anything. Does anyone know a way I could get around this and get them here? I live near Toronto.

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Wait for the next show? it's just over a month away....
Neo-Slither (Snake fanatic mailing list) http://<br />

May you live in interesting times.
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Thanks to those who replied.

Magazoo was okay.
Reptile Amazone was a nice store, good selection.
Bio-dome needs a change. It's always the same.

A story about while I was in Magazoo... A guy and his wife/girlfriend came into the store. Probably in their 30's, and they were the "biker/party" type. The guy was asking for snakes that are tame, and that won't ever strike or bite. The employee shows him a Ball Python. The guy asks if they are the type of snake you can wear around your neck. The woman with him says "you can bring it to parties". He asked about their size etc. and then asked what else they had that was tame. The employee showed him 2 Jungle Carpet Pythons. He said they were more active so they weren't best for putting around your neck, because the guy had asked again. When the employee told him how big they'd get, the woman again said "you could bring it to parties". At this point I was glad I had seen the whole store because I had to leave or I was going to start yelling at someone. I wouldn't be surprised to hear about these two people in the news sooner than later, and not in a positive way!
Jeff Stemmler
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