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has anyone had someone put a spider on your back and u do anything to get it off? But u can't touch it cuz your so scared? one time a friend put a small turantula on my back and i was jumping up and down, trying to unbutton my shirt, lol that takes me back.

i find them interesting from a distance and with a poking stick.
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I've been in 'situations' with animals where I was scared, but don't think the animals themselves scare me.
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I can Only sleep When its PITCH Black (My room doesnt have any windows just the way I like it)

Fire well thats just fun

spiders I have a mild fear of them although While sleeping I probley have inhaled a few lol

going High on wobbley ladders I was up about 20 some odd feet and it tipped over the only thing that stopped me from getting broken bones was me grabbing on to a tree branch and climbing down
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I'm not afraid of fire in itself...I'm afraid of fire in the sense of being burned to death, or losing loved ones, or my home to it. Forest fires also tie in to that. Not scared of controlled fire though... I used to play with fire a lot as I was growing up.....hehehe o> :firestart

Originally posted by reverendsterlin
I've been in 'situations' with animals where I was scared, but don't think the animals themselves scare me.
LOL... makes me think of when I was a kid. Think I was around 5. The one and only time I was scared by a goat. I was scared of both the situation and the animal. I was at a zoo and they had goats and chickens loose all over the place. This one little goat was running after me....had this big red pussy growth on the side of its neck that was the size of its head....freaked me out and I ran as fast as I could......straight in to a big tree!
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I used to be afraid of flying, but a nice long trip to Brazil cured that one. Rappelling too, that gets to me - done it twice, I keep thinking the rope is going to break. That's about it.... I'm OK with spiders, fire, death, deep water and so on. Almost forgot Oprah. She scares the hell out of me. That's it though...
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Thats an interesting list of fears so far but you guys are missing one of my deepest fears MARTHA STEWART come on now you have to aggree she is the devil.... and I have to aggree with tele tubbies those things are just freaky looking... not for kids!!! and I have always had problems with horses no idea why they are the only animal I have problems with. Oh and lets no forget clowns and dolls... When I was a kid I remember sleeping in my Grandmothers doll room talk about scaring a kid for life... DOLLS I HATE EM NOW BIG TIME... Well thats it for now lates
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I'm not afraid of much. I almost drowned when I was a kid but I'm not especially afraid of water . I was wondering how may respondants are afraid of death. Myself I am not afraid of it. I was just wondering.
Spiders can startle me but I dont' have any problem with them . Actually they ought to be afraid of me since if they crawl on me they are doomed
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Bryce Masuk
[B]I can Only sleep When its PITCH Black

Same here Pitch black and no sound. If not i'm up forever tossing and turning.

I don't have too many fears but my HUGEST fear is driving in the snow. I seriously lose it. a few years back my i lost control of my car in the snow and went down a 10 foot embankment, luckly i wasn't hurt but scare sh!tless. I had to climb out of that thing also, which was very hard to do when your shaking like mad. Ever since then i cry the whole way to were i'm going with my hands stiff on the wheel and my eyes peeled on the road. Doing 5mph. LOL

As far as animals go i would have to say the only animal that scares me are emu's those scary things. Had one sneak up behind me and snatch a cone out of my hand and bite me. OUCH!!!!!
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Leeches..don't know why....hate them....It doesn't stop me from swimming in waters that have leeches but when I get them on me .aaauugghh...I check my whole body with a fine-toothed comb...between legs and em....

I like/love/eat/drive anything else...not really afraid of anything, that is not a good thing,...did I mention Leeches...hate em

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Large mammals can be intimidating, horses and cattle, stuff like that could back into you and kill you by accident. Anyone ever been to the deer park at MarineLand or anywhere else? My daughter was traumatized at the age of 3 by the young deer they had there. We gave her the ice cream cone full of feed that you can buy at the park, the deer swarmed, she spilled the food all over herself and scaled up her aunt's clothing and clung as the deer nibbled at the food she was now wearing. She was terrified and we couldn't get her near anything with fur or legs for about a year after that. Now she has a cat but at first we had to explain why we couldn't keep him in an aquarium like the snakes. The idea of animals running loose in the house was crazy to her.
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I am 26 years old and deathly, mortally fearful of spiders. It's the kind of paralyzing fear, the kind when you see one and suddenly you can't move, or it's too close and you're scrambling back and over things. Now, I think I'm fairly reasonable about it, the teeny ones don't bother me nearly as much. It has to be bigger than a quarter or so.

Someone posted extreme closeups of a black widow to another forum I read a while back. I stumbled on them by accident and just about had a heart attack. The fiancee (now wife, actually) of a good friend of mine's parents' house was just infested with fiddlebacks (brown recluse, I believe) last year, and they wouldn't do anything about it. We're talking just randomly crawling past on the wall. I freaked. Majorly.

Tarantulas bother me a *little* less. I think the fuzziness helps a bit. My brain goes 'oh, it's fuzzy, it must be ok' when the rest of me is going 'eeeeeeeeeek!' I still don't think I'd be able to have one. The presence of it in my home/possibility of it escaping would have me in a constant panic attack.

You should have seen me the day I figured out tarantulas are indigenous to Oklahoma. Heh.
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I'm afraid of:

Suffocation (I don't like my throat being touched at all, I can barely wear a choker for a few seconds without gagging, and I can't wear turtlenecks)

Deep Water (I won't swim in a lake...I have an issue swimming in an area where I cannot see the bottom, partially due to a fear of drowning, and wondering what's lurking in the depths.)

Heights (I was recently able to finally get onto a step ladder, my fear is severe)

Small Spaces (Claustrophobia)

Spiders (not tarantulas)

The Dark (yeah I know, I'm a big sissy)

The End Of The World (Nuclear War, Meteors, etc.)

Elevators (I think I saw Speed too much *L* Most likely to do with my fear of heights)

Clowns (hence the reason why "It" REALLY creeped me out. When I was 4, I was at McDonald's and Ronald McDonald came up to me asking my name, I just bawled and hid behind my mother.)

Knives/Swords (I'm comfortable around them so as long no one is holding them, even if a trusted person is holding one, I cringe or sometimes even run out of the room. I wouldn't mind collecting them when I have more dough. )

Death (And on the other hand, I'm fascinated with fire and guns. *shrug* )

Isolation (no family, no friends, nothing)

I used to be INCREDIBLY afraid of needles...I cured that phobia by getting my first tattoo.
Erin Keller :eb:
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I'm scared of big parots!
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I love horses and sharks and like spiders

I'm afraid of death in a manner in which I can't breathe (ie drowning, being strangles, smothered, etc). And I don't like seeing people high up. If it's me, I'm fine, but if someone in a movie is standing on a ledge, I don't like it.

And I used to be afraid of fire because when I was young the building next to our's burnt down.

I think that's it. I don't like maggots, but I'm not afraid of them.

oh. I'm afraid of anything that burrows into your skin. ewww.

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Public speaking, spiders, and rubber. Yes, rubber! I have an anaphylactic allergy to natural rubber latex and the sight of balloons, rubber bands, etc. can send me into a panic and also the hospital.
The Zombie Mama is here!
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