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Thumbs up Successful program

Well, today i spent the day in the local elementary school giving presentations on corn snakes. It was great! I did 2 presentations to kindergarteners (about 90 kids), one presentation to second graders (55 kids) and one presentation to fifth graders (just over 60 kids). It was great to see their young minds working and taking in the information! By the end of it, I only had one child and one teacher who did not "pet" the snakes. I had an outline for a presentation, but they asked so many questions that I had covered in other areas of the outline that I ad libbed most of the presentations. I think that I enjoyed the day as much as the kids and I hope they invite me back next year. As for the four corns I brought with me, they are resting comfortably after what was for them a very long day. If anyone ever has the chance to go to a school and do something like this, I highly recommend it. Hopefully I influenced some young minds today!

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Glad to hear everything went well and your corns didn't get too stressed out. They're a great animal for presentations, IMHO, as I've noticed that they are more curious than most snakes, thus less easily stressed when dealing with crowds.
- Ken LePage
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Good to hear it went over so well! I wish that someone had done that when I was still in school
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Awesome job, keep it up!!!

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I love doing kid programs there is somuch potential in the room.

I love it when the show is just about done and I pull a corn snake and and just kinda skim through stuff I have all ready said This may sound wierd but 10 to 15 min B4 the end I aclualy perposly bore them with a small animal for a few min and then I pull out my first show stoper (being a burm or a larg boa depending on the age group) that just sparks it all up again righ after there brains hve rested thne I let them ask a bunch of questions and make them all come up and take a group pic with me at the head end then I take out my closing animal and I normaly make the teachers put all the names in a hat and I pull a name then I take out my closing animal(a 5 foot alligator) I show the kid that he/she has just won a chace to take a pic alon with me and the aligator or if they are young I tell them they can pic there friend to come up to if they want. it is realy a good way to keep there attention because if they know B4 hand that there is a draw they pay more attention.

For alder kids I tell them there is a draw but they need to answer a question to actualy win. the question is somthing verry simple that I have coverd 3 times during the presentation many a snake toung or heat pits what constrictor means.

You should try it some time it is a blast
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