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Cage Bedding

Just curious to see the different ways people are lining their cages with and how effective these ways have been.Also why they have chosen this particular way.
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I use paper towel for my ground dwellers and i use water for my arboreals... water is my favorite, it gets soiled you dump it out and fill it back up, plus keeps the humidity up to like 75% without misting... my GTP's and ETB love it is offline  
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I use astroturf. Two pieces, so that while one is being cleaned and hung to dry the other can go right back in the enclosure. I like it, it looks good and my Cali King seems to like it too. The only problem is that the astroturf frays on the edge after a while and if it's not flat them my snake will go under it to hide. When I lift up the turf to check on him or take him out, it spreads the aspen all over the enclosure. Oh well.

I also have a pile of aspen chips/shavings in one corner under the warm side hide so that he can be in the hide and choose if he wants to be right on the floor/heater or on the aspen so it's not so warm.
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mostly indoor/outdoor carpet, cheap and can be cut to size lol but wash in cold only they shrink
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i use astro turf on all my smaller inclosures as mentioned above as it can be washed easily and looks good,for my really big enclosures i use old quilts not as pretty but easily washed and they can hide under them if they want.
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Old 07-30-02, 06:08 PM   #6 (permalink)
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I use Aspen bedding and the small Sani-Chips Aspen bedding.
Charles Mills

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I use a product called eco-earth its a bio degradeable coconut husk bedding that wont hurt snakes if ingested.It absorbs fecal and pee doesnt allow mold or any kind of smell.
I keep all my kings and corn snakes on it .
Have a good one
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For most of my snakes I use papertowel, newspaper with a layer of papertowel over top for the larger ones (I can't stand when my snakes get covered in ink). I also use sphagnum/peat moss for some of my animals, and crushed walnut for my rosy boa. My enclosures are all functional setups (rosy boa excluded), not particularily attractive but they serve the purpose well and none of my animals have any complaints

Ive used many different substrates in the past, some I may use again, but for now these are what best suit my needs.........
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I use reptile bark. You can actually soak it in hot water after a couple months to clean it and then use it again.. Then u gotta actually put new bark in after about a year (dont think ill wait that long though) Its called Four Paws Naturebark reptile bedding..
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I think iv'e ran the whole gamet of beding aplications...but presently im using both aspen beding and papertowel..i use the aspen for my female boas...allthough not as quickly cleaned as papertowel,or newspaper i believe it may provide a little more comfort for the larger females,as it probably has a more natural feel to it than does papertowel,or newspaper.
I also use the aspen for my albino boas because the ink factor in newspaper(allthough non toxic) makes for a nasty looking mess on the animal.All other males are on newspaper,and juveniles are housed on papertowel.
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We use black astroturf for the Ball Pythons, Aspen Bedding for the Milks and regular astroturf for the Corn... like many others have mentioned we have spares for each enclosure and change them out weekly or more if needed... works very well and enclosures stay clean...
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Chris & Linds ;

Something to keep in mind .. if you use newspaper, try to avoid any colored pages. The black ink is pretty much all vegetable based, but some of the colored inks are still oil based and not the best for them.
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Quervo...I have never used the colored paper,as i always found it to smell a little funny..and wasn't going to risk the use of something i wasn't sure of.
I knew that newspaper ink was soy based..but didn't know that the colored was oil..interesting!..that may explain the
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Old 07-31-02, 03:58 PM   #14 (permalink)
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I use newspaper as well....however i was unaware of the colour pictures containing oil....

i guess i will only be raiding "globe and mail" boxes for now on....:P
Grant van Gameren
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right now my king is on forest bed but i'm switching him to aspen, when i get my spotted python she's going on aspen as well.. the leo is on towels
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