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Originally posted by Steeve B

Linds I will post somthing in this regard on the varanid forum.
by the way I never expresed sides on this matter, only facts
I never said you were taking sides. But to say that no animals have emotion is an incorrect fact. Veterinary <B>sciences</B> (which I am know a fair bit of and am still studying in my schooling) have proven otherwise. I was posting from fact, not opinion or belief.
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sorry thats not how I meant it, I know you never said that!
I shod of said
by the way Guys I take no side on this issue! only state facts.
your one of my favorit poster, I will never insult you
kind regards
Herpetoculture isnít an exact science!!
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Attribute it to the egocentricity of mankind, maternal/paternal instincts or whatever, the reason it occurs while a good topic for an open discussion isn't as critical as the end result. As some (like Jeff and Eyespy) said, anthropomorphism among those who don't know better can often mask husbandry issues that could lead to serious health problems or the death of the reptile. Like if I see my king out coiled around his driftwood under the heat light, the last thought in my mind is "oh, how nice, he's come out to greet me" but instead "uhoh, this isn't normal. I'd better check the temps again." As long as you KNOW that the feelings you're imposing are entirely wrong, the occasional lapse isn't necessarily bad by default. That's what I think anyways

LMAO! Sweaters for leos?? Too funny I wonder if they've tried knitting jumpsuits for snakes yet...
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Ok I know I'm responding a little late Jeff_Favelle........but that is why I put the little " " things around the words. I was using a term or word that I felt more comfortable using......I was saying that I hate these kind of discussions because I don't like it when the people start getting "pi**y" about other peoples opinions.....I agree with you that snakes do not have a concept of feelings of "love" and things like that...........but for me I also believe that they do have atleast the littlest concept of these "human" emotions........but that is just me...............

Ya there is an ottawa in the states.......and another one in I think one other state........and believe me.....WE would MUCH MUCH MUCH rather be there!!!!!!!!!!
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