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I was watching "Live and Let Die" the other day, and it struck me how much I'd learned about snakes since being a member of this site!! Despite having seen that movie about 5 times previously, only this time did it strike me as absurd when baron samedi tries to poison some chick with a GTP.....also, he dies when he falls into a trunk full of constrictors, apparently he was bitten to death!! well it was funny at the time anyway...
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Hehe, isn't it ridiculous?! I was at the video store a few weeks ago and a movie caught my eye. It was called Boa! On the cover was this common boa, mouth wide open with these huge fangs, dripping with venom! Oh, brother!
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Watch Indiana jones - raiders of the lost Arc ..

Theres even funnyer things in there .. When indiana falls in the pit of snakes ?? there is about 80% of them that are not snakes THERE legless lizards .. (eyelids close) . and many plastic ones too .
Others are boas and burms..

Also the Cobra seen is awesome but if u observe really well, there is a piece of glass between Indiana and the snakes (look for the reflection of the eyes!)

and for the arachnid lovers, watch the part with the huge tarantulas.. there mexican red kneed tarantula .. prety much completly harmless specie.. also notice the fact that when he swipes them off his back u don't actually see those Tarantullas fall from that high it would ether loose its abdomen or crack it .. I was really surprised they used a really expensive and endangered tarantualla..

Lots of movies are that way ..You just gotta look for those kinda things..

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You think those movies are dumb remember the movie Anaconda.
That was I think the dumbest movie ever made I mean how many 40ft Anacondas are there none to my knowledge and how many snakes can get shot through the chest with a harpoon and live yet alone being set on fire and still coming back and try to kill the same damn people. I kind of wish the snake would have eaten Jenifer lopez. My ears will never be the same!
We may have snakes sticks but you still can't compare that to the craziness of a Homeless person!!
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Ya .. gee I wonder where the public get's their wonderful attitude towards snakes?

And their amazing knowledge as to how dangerous they are.
Committed to creating safe havens for our scaly friends
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Old 07-30-02, 12:12 AM   #6 (permalink)
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yeah scott well if the snakes that big to eat
lopez the damn thing can eat celine dion to
thank you very much
lance Nanaimo B.C. Canada
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isnt there some movie called Python? theres some huge giant snake and it eats some guy in his garage or something.
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No, no, I've got it. I haven't actually seen this movie, but my mom told me about it and I'm looking for it. It's called Squirm and it's about a worm farm that gets struck by lightning which makes the worms psycho. They don't get big or anything, but everyone's scared of these little tiny man-eating worms!!! They even have a shower scene where they shoot out of the shower head and attack a chick!!!!!! God, I wanna see that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:
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I remember one old flick that had the young male getting a job with a snake keeper/ venom collector. The kid was getting 'venom protection shots' or some such thing and it turned him into a snake lol too much a B movie even for me. Heck of a way to keep suiters from your daughter though lol.
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