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Question What kind of snake?

Hey guys. As I've said before I have roommates w/ a red tailed boa, a hogg island boa, a ball python, and a burmese python. Eventually my boyfriend and I are getting our own place and I'd like to get a snake of my own. My only experience is w/my roommates' snakes and the little rough green snake that died because *oops* they don't do well in captivity (I guess the pet store didn't want me to know that). Anyway, I'd want a smaller snake, but I love the personality and everything about my friends' big girls. So I was wondering if you guys could tell me a little more about corn snakes, kings snakes, etc. You know, so I could figure out what would be the best one for me? Thanks!
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I think that one of the biggest advantages of Colubrids (Kings, Milks, Corns etc) are their size. They don't need the space that a big snake does and they can be handled very easily once they get used to it. Also smaller snakes will consume less food than a larger snake.

Lets see...Colubrids come in a wide array of colors and patters. They might be more active than larger snakes (???) Therefore making them more fun to watch. You most likely won't have the police/fire dept/animal control at your door if your snake escapes. Big snakes seem to end up on the news when they escape.

Keep doing research and you will "fall in love" with the kind of snake that is perfect for you.
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If you like your roomates' boids personality, how about staying with boids and getting a rosy boa! They too come in a variety of different colours from red/blue to black/white, have an awesome temperament, stay small (usually no larger than 3'), easy to care for, and very slow moving. LOL...I know I'm a pain, but these guys are so underrated. But you wont be able to match the personalities and temperaments of your roomates big girls with colubrids. They are very different. Whatever tickles your fancy Good luck with whatever you choose :thumbsup:
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Thanks, guys. I could always have a colubrid and a rosy! Thansk Linds, that sounds like a great snake. My bf and I agreed that if only Bosco (the red tail) would stay the size he is now he'd be awesome! Of course, I'm moving into a dorm this school year, so we won't have our own place until next summer! But I love planning future pets. You know how some people already have their future childrens' names picked out? Well we have future pet names picked out (specifically dogs)!!
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