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No gauts28 that's not quite true. If you take a UVB meter to the plant bulbs you'll find almost nothing in the 290-320 nm wavelength that reptiles need for vitamin D3 formation. Those wavelenghts are supposed to be shielded in bulbs made for use by humans to protect us from skin and eye damage.
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Ok i have always used the Pet store bulbs. I am very interested in changing now cause man the money i would save in just one month from using normal bulbs instead of those expensive things. I live in a basement so i HAVE to have night bulbs are their bulbs in regular stores like home depot that i can use at night without distubing their day/night time. Also i have bearded dragons that have to have a basking bulb are their any substitutes for those.

if i can substitute any of those out you will have me doing a little dance. Cause i could save a ton of money!!!!!!!!!!
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