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CDN-Cresties 09-22-03 02:56 PM

Water Question?
I was curious to see what water do you guys use for your reptiles. Do you use tap water, bottle water, etc... I use bottle water but im looking for a cheaper and safer solution. I am thinking about getting a brita filter to possibly solve this problem of mine. What are your thoughts? :D


katev17 09-22-03 03:37 PM

You could always try boiling your tap water! I personally use Tap water because our water is pretty safe (as far as I know, anyway)... but I suppose it would depend on where you live! For the cheap solution, I'd say boil your water and when it cools off it should be good to use... Good luck! I'd imagine bottled water would be rather costly!!


josefg 09-22-03 03:40 PM

I use filtered water... the same stuff I use for myself ;)

jaybox_reptiles 09-22-03 03:45 PM

ive always used tap water but you could buy a R.O machine for about $300 USD it is cheaper to have the machine for 5 years when you spending 300 on bottle a year

BrandonVeenstra 09-22-03 03:50 PM

I've always used bottled water

enso 09-22-03 03:54 PM

I use tap water, but it's "aged". I let it sit in a container for 48 hours before giving it to any of my herps. This allows the chlorine to dissipate. It's then safe to use for all of my snakes and tree frogs.

katev17 09-22-03 03:59 PM

Just wondering... for tree frogs, do you have to use tap water because of the minerals it has? (As opposed to distilled water, I mean)... Thanks :D


Lisa 09-22-03 04:14 PM

Right now we use tap water, in about a week we will be using well water.

chas*e 09-22-03 04:19 PM

I couldn't afford any other type of water but Tap water...too many water dishes, but the water is pailed and open for 2 days....

enso 09-22-03 04:20 PM

First, the pH of our tap water is correct for amphibians. Second, the minerals. Distilled, reverse osmosis, and de-ionized water should never be used on Amphibians. Here's why -
Good info, all amphib owners should read.

Lisa 09-22-03 05:06 PM

Very informative enso, great site.

mykee 09-22-03 05:31 PM

If my snakes can drink out of stagnant ponds in Africa, I'm guessing that my tap water should be adequate. Though I do have one BP who will only drink lemon-flavoured Perrier.........

jay76 09-22-03 05:47 PM

I use tapwater treated with aquarium water purifier, since I seem to recall from my fish days that only chlorine is offgassed by aging water, not chloramines, which remain in the water.

enso 09-22-03 05:48 PM

You take your snakes to Africa to drink out of stagnant ponds? Hmm... Those same snakes are probably rife with internal parasites and ticks. Not advised.

Linds 09-22-03 05:59 PM

I use Brita water and tap water when I forget to refill it. My frog only gets spring water. Tap water may have all the correct minerals that your frog requires, but it also has a lot of undesirable additives. Spring water is both clean and has all the necessary minerals. I don't use distilled water for anything in the house. IMHO minerals are in the water for a reason.

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