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I smoked from about age 12 to age 18, regularly from about age 13.

I quit [almost] cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant at age 18. After I found out I was pregnant I smoked maybe 8-10 Marlboro menthol light cigarettes - and most of the time I wasn't even smoking a full cigarette, but sharing with my boyfriend. Not that it is any more justified. He quit too, but still has problems to this day. I guess it wasn't as much of a motivation for him as it was for me.

I have had 2 cigarettes since I had my son and quit breastfeeding when he was 15 months. Last semester during school, I don't know why - I had bought a pack of cigarettes, I think because during my night classes at break time almost everyone would go outside and have a smoke. I'd go outside too, to make a phone call or just to get out into the cool night air, and being around them all the time I wanted to see what it was like again. I smoked 2 cigarettes (separate nights) and felt disgusted with myself so I threw the whole pack and my lighter away.
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Hi all thank you so much for all yalls help i have been doing every thing you told me and it is working so far a solid 24 ours with no smokes thinks guy/girls ( still open for sugestions)
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go to You will get alot of support from people there. I've been quit over a year now, did it cold turkey. try drinking water, exercising, chewing on gum, chewing on straws, eating ice, eating carrots, apples, cucumbers, anything crunchy....You will probably put on weight when you stop smoking, it can drive you mad. also try .....are some good places to start. Also get rid of all your cigs, and I mean get rid of them, break them, put them in water, whatever you have to do. Then get rid of all your ashtrays. And tell your dad you want support, not critisisim (sp??)

You WILL get cravings, You WILL get b*tchy, you WILL get hungry, you WILL get bored.
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Both Paul and I stopped about 1 1/2 years ago. we both smoked for 25+years. (MY GOD I FEEL OLD!!!!) It is the hardest thing I have ever done. It is easy to stop smoking but staying off of them is the hard part. The funniest thing I hear from people is "The Last time I quit." We have stopped smoking but we are still quitting and probably always will be. Every day it would be so easy to have a smoke and I would love to!!! But every day I have to make that choice again!!
it sucks but it is what we want to do. I do feel healthier I guess but I really don't think I would ever smoke again because I would never want to have to stop smoking again.
Good luck with stopping!!!!

Lorraine Gillard
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Originally posted by Dozer
Shane, you and I gotta listen into this , especially you man, you pretty much eat the cigarette man...
ROTFLMAO... indeed... Shane man I hope your reading this.... o> is offline  
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Wow... congrats to all the reformed smokers!

I also quit. Smoked a pack a day for 13 years, and quit on the patch. I didn't do the full program though - I just went to the step 2's and changed my habits. (Thank the gods of Dentyne for Dentyne Ice!!!!). Stayed on the patch for a few weeks, then went at it cold turkey. Haven't touched one for 3.5 months.

My secret was staying MOTIVATED. Have a goal in mind - for me it was more snakes. At work and at home, I have a program that rotates my desktop wallpaper every X minutes. So, I rotated pics of all the snakes I was going to get if I quit smoking. Well, I now have 25 of the little buggers to remind me of how much I do not miss taking $10 a day and literally lighting fire to it.


Good luck.
- Ken LePage
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I've noticed that just about everyone but me changed their habits and got rid of the opportunities to smoke and the smokes themselves. I purposely didn't avoid the things that I knew I wasn't trying to quit, like coffee, like the people I sat with at break time at work, stuff like that. I didn't replace the cigarettes with gum or the patch or carrots or even masturbation (a suggestion from a friend, I think he was kidding...). I wanted to quit smoking, not change how I lived every part of my life so I took it as a test of will power. There's a drum of tobacco up in my bedroom in a drawer right now that I bought the February before last (for about $40 to rub it in for those still smoking), I could smoke whenever I want but I have chosen not to. The opportunity will always be there to smoke, you just have to decide not to. If you find the patch or carrots or masturbation helps then use them but ultimately it's a question of will and conviction.
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wanna know what i did?

I never started that was the best thing to do!
Jordan David M.

"I Don't Get Mad, I Get Even!"
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jordan you cant be any more right this is some magor bullshit
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