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Old 09-18-03, 03:35 PM   #16 (permalink)
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This is a lose lose situation all around. The only thing anyone can do here is the landlord can kick you out. If you call and complain to the city they will make you leave until the apartment is properly zoned and up to code. If the LL calls the city they can confiscate your herps.

I would ask the landlady to let you keep your pets for an increase of like 10.00. If she balks tell her you won't complain about the apartment if she will leave it status quo.
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I'm wondering how the landlord found out that you had any herps at all in the first place let alone ones that aren't legal to have. You'll know better next time that the answer is NO to the do-you-have-pets question. The only reason they ask is so they can try to rob you later saying that they have to fix something because of your dog or whatever. Anyway, you can't have a valid lease on an illegal apartment so even evicting you would be very difficult even with a good reason because she couldn't do it through the law like a proper landlord, she'd have to get some big boys to come by and throw you out. So remember, say "no I don't have pets" and if the landlord wants to come in say no to that too. They have to give you notice if they want to come in. This gives you plenty of time to hide the herps, porn, illegal immigrants and the hydroponics lab. Don't sweat animal control either, they have to have good evidence against you and get a warrant just like the cops. I say piss on her, give her nothing she can't touch ya.
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She found out about the herps by innocently asking about our "one small lizard" while installing a smoke detector.
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Non disclosure is always a good policy concerning herps
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LOL I would have to agrea with Cory on what he said and well said lol that is what I have and would do like he said there is nothing they can do (been there)
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here's my advice..

settle on $15/month extra. reason being, if you have a landlord that is not happy with you, you will not be happy living there. Heating costs ARE going up, and heating 6 snakes IS noticeable. Probably not $30/month though! Still, she probably feels like she's being had. If I were you, first I'd look for an apartment that IS up to code, but in the mean time, pay the $15 extra...or at least offer that.
good luck,
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I liked your made me laugh.....just had to say that.

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Justin..I can go over with a few brothers and " make him an offer he can't refuse"..maybe you can live for free he will pay you for living
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I would get all the animals a siter then I would invest in a 500-1000 stereo and leave it on all night on a low tone and leav you TV on all night on mute AND when you go to work leav all your lights on when she comes over tell her to serch the place if she likes then tell her it was so much cheaper whne the animals were here at least you did not need to watch TV and listen to music at the same time then.
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