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snakehunter 09-17-03 06:23 PM

highschool clicks
how many of you guys sat at the "freak" table at lunch in school. i did, but all of my fellow freaks graduated, so i just hang with my nonmetallistening friends who are just as cool.:medteeths



Burm41 09-17-03 06:26 PM

lol well im still in highschool and well i dont sit at the freak table... oh and dont worry i dont make fun of them! i was one!!! oh and i listen to medal too! so its all cool

marisa 09-17-03 07:17 PM

Just a tip....

Nothing and I mean nothing that happens in high school has any effect on the person you will be even one short year after graduating. Possibly grades, but nothing nothing nothing friendship wise, "clique" wise or clothing wise will matter or effect you after leaving high school. I remember being embarassed in high school, pressured, not hanging out with certain people, only hanging out with certain people, etc. As soon as you are in your 20's, you basically start making fun of people like that and nothing that mattered in high school matters anymore.


Burm41 09-17-03 07:28 PM

that what people tell me so and im a B+ student so hopefully i will get a good job in some field.... and i know nothing matters just ur a kid once and i want to make mine alittle intresting

jncoclub 09-17-03 07:31 PM

I'm 25 and married now, but right after highschool, I found out that my group of female friends were known as "the freaky girls who were all lesbians and slept with everyone's boyfriends!" LOL
If I knew that then, man, I could have had a lot of fun with it!!

Marisa is right, when you leave highschool, you really do LEAVE highschool behind you. SO have fun and do what you want- no one is really going to remember anyway!

jay76 09-17-03 07:37 PM

I was a proud member of the freak table... we had 'em all: the guy who shaved off his eyebrows then drew them back on as flames, the guy who came to lunch with visegrips on his nipples, the guys who shot things, and then there were the WEIRD people... even though things change when you leave highschool, the memories linger ;)

Colonel SB 09-17-03 08:37 PM

My school didn't have the whole click thing gonnin on everyone was cool with everyone.

Aaron_S 09-17-03 08:46 PM

You know jncoclub some people don't leave high school behind.

Marisa-Your description of the kids back when you were in high schooling worrying about who to hang with or what to wear are the students I laugh at everyday. They are hilarious.

On topic...I was 1 of 2 "freaks" at my school last school blows...the smallest things make you a "freak" there. Oh well:P

BlkMambaVenom 09-17-03 09:07 PM

I wasnt a freak nor a prep... I just talked to whoever talked to me. I was shy so i didnt go up to people and start talkin to them if i didnt know who they were. But my school definitley had the cliques and i think the cheerleaders were their own. LoL I hated them all. :)

Wuntu Menny 09-17-03 09:17 PM

Aah, highschool...


nuff said


HeatherRose 09-17-03 09:29 PM

Hey man I just hate everybody :P My school screwed me over, and to make up for extra credits I'm taking grade 9 art :P

I left all my lifelong friends at my old highschool, and now my current high school is just a place I have to trudge through everyday....and get hooted at in :O *stockpiles big baggy sweatshirts*

I have a few 'friends'.... but I kind of hate them....

Wow, high school really does more YEAR!

xxbad 09-17-03 09:48 PM

my jr high school has some freaks my sister was one there is this place called the corner where they all meat its been there for like 5 years i dont make fun of them i hate when people make fun of my close i swear if iwear baggy pants i get called a gangster???

But only like 3 kids say that and there iimuture kids.

Wuntu Menny 09-17-03 10:24 PM

None of this will matter in a mere 36 months or less. Deal with it that long, and odds are you'll get the last laugh. It may seem like a long time, but its really a mere snapshot

Trust me,


Lisa 09-17-03 10:44 PM

Since highschool I haven't kept in contact with anyone. Tried for a while but people go their seperate ways. At my first high school I was a loner, the second high school the whole school were freaks (alternative school). Ran into some one from my first high school tonight (she was katey's nurse). She hasn't kept in contact with anyone either. Was really weird.

Mike177 09-17-03 11:10 PM

i was, and still am the "freak" witch is pretty bad considering i dont dress anywhere near as "freakish" as i did, lol

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