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Actually I kind of like my high school. I hang out with people that are just like me. There are a few reptile people, actually, who I don't hang out with quite as much, but they're cool. The only real freaks I know of is this girl Tiffany and her boyfriend Josh (who like hits on me... he like licks me and today I took a piece off of this guy Cody's brownie and Josh freakin like put his whole mouth around my hand to eat it, he's awesome). They're really good friends of mine, and they're pretty well known. Another surprising fact is that I knew about 2 people in that entire high school that were actually in my grade out of like 450 freshmen. And yet I made at least 50 friends in the first week of school that I am still friends with in the 6th week of school (yeah yeah, not that long, I know). I hang out with mostly guys, too. I dunno about you, but my school rocks! and even though I'm probably not going to be friends with the friends I have now when I get into college I'm still gonna have a fun 4 years being in high school .
Who are you callin' a freak?!
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Hahaha I used to be the boy in the corner, or part of the freaks if that's what you want to call them, there were about 4-5 of us. Wunto is right, you do get the last laugh. Now in my final senior year of grade 12, I'm the president of the student council and everyone loves me.

Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.

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Oh yeah and the guys running against me for president were always the 'popular' guys. HA!

1.1 Veiled Chameleons : 1.1 Crested Gecko : 0.1 Pictus Geckos (looking to trade or sell $25) : 1.0 normal leopard gecko - 0.1 tang 100% het bliz leo - 0.2 bliz leos (All leopards for sale/trade) : 1.0 Leucisitc Texas Ratsnake (Looking to trade for Crestie or pygmy chams)
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Well.. I hang out with everyone. The asians.. the skaters.. the jocks. Mostly because I'm cool with asians.. I'm a skater.. and talented in all sports. Although I usually find myself with the chicks hah =(.. okay thats a lie.. but I'm pretty cool =D
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dang, i didbt think this thread would last so long, and get so many different
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i was a misfit in school to the general population but imo they were the real misfits.....there was the 'smoking corner' where all the punks, bangers, skaters, goths etc.(aka misfits)hung out and then the trendy crowd....which i really felt sorry for....i can't imagine spending so much time worrying about what everyone else thinks about me and trying to fit in by dressing like the 'in' crowd.....not that they were all like that but many were....
I do have fond memories of that time though and disagree with thinking its a write-off, and that it doesn't matter what happened once you're out......I had close friends then that grew apart and I'm still glad we were friends then...some I still touch base with once in awhile....some regrets...but I guess what doesn't kill you makes you is a journey and everything you do is a part of who you are....I can't wait to get to the next chapter....
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I have been out of high school since 97. I still talk to pepole I went to school with, some I have jsut recently started running in to that I haven't seen since high school. My best friend I have known since I was in kindergarten and we've always gone to the same schools. I didn't sit in the cafeteria for lunch (if I was even at the school for lunch... hehehe if you looked up "truency" in the dictionary my face would be beside it ), and my school, like all did have cliques, but for the most part they got a long together... with the occassional run-togethers from the "rednecks" and the rest of the school. If people didn't like eachother it was more of an individual vs. individual thing (again most of the "rednecks" were an exception to this). I guess if you wanted a label I was a "burnout/freak" in high school

LOL... seriously now that I look back on all those years... it was a blast and I wish I could go back!
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I love high school, the 'freaks' as you call 'em get picked on at our school.
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Lunch? who had time for lunch? As soon as class was over for lunch break my friends and i were in the smoking section intaking as much nicotine we could untill next class
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school is for learning, not to make friends, imo. even if i was a ''loner'' i would rather have no friends and be successufl when im older then have no friends and be a loser after highschool. i also listen to metal, what are your guys fav. bands? i listen to megadeth, metallica, ironmaiden, tool guns n roses, led zeppelin, jimi hendrix and a couple other bands
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Everyone says I am weird but no one calls me a freak, I'm never really on my own. There are some cool people in our school but most uncool people don't really like them so they will never be popular, there are a LOT of skaters at my school who form a group with the people that like metally music, which makes up a lot of our school
"Is she not right, is she insane?"
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we never really had any "groups" in our school..... i guess its because we had to wear uniforms! yay!
we were kind of split off into, the slutty girls, the normal girls and the wierd ones.
the guys were just guys! they all hung out together.. well i hung out with the guys.... and we were kinda branded the stoners/druggies, but i was a good girl!! honest......
or the "greebos" which is their lame term for us goths/punks/alternative people......
oh yes! i may be wierd... but this wierdo comes with new, improved Live Journal action!
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Just had a girl that was two years behind me start working at my store...heh. I haven't seen her in almost 7 years and BAM this little bit of High Schools pops into my life. No biggie. High School was a blast but I am not friends with anyone from High School anymore. We run into each other and say hi we should get together yadayadayada but it never happens and I am quite ok with that.

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high school clicks mean nothing once you grow up and start your own life.
When i was in high school, I had ONE friend and that was the only person I talked to. I wasn't an outcast or anything..I just didn't like kids that were my age. They were worried about boyfriends and girlfriends and listening to the right music & dressing the right way (whether that be the goth way, punk way, or preppy way..they're all the same if you think about it!). I'm still the same way. I'll never be a social person. I still don't get along with people that are my age.
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