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My list is not so big....Yet

Corns-Pop and Eh
Kings-Still thinking?
Balls-Still thinking?
"Consciousness: That annoying time between naps."
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Location: Planet Earth.....Uk
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i have a corn snake *normal* who is Called Sidney
Bless him!
Lizzy and Sidney
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my two snakes are Fox and Elendil ( tentative)
fish are Jude and Chief Wiggum
Cat is Sassy but shoud be named The Jerk
"a tolls a toll, and a rolls a roll, and if we don't get no tolls... then we don't eat no rolls "
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Let's see...

Dogs (siberian huskies):
Shadow (he's pure white with blue eyes)
Kuma (bear in japanese)

Kally (Kalidescope)
Dizzy (Desdemona)



1.0 Crested gecko - Dragonbait
1.2 Long tailed grass lizards - Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod
0.1 black pine snake - Salem
1.0 anery cornsnake - Query
0.1 amel cornsnake - Cliché
0.1 snow cornsnake - new as of aug 31 and unnamed as of yet
0.1 butter cornsnake - also from aug 31. Came with the name Star, will probably call her something on that theme... maybe Asterisk
0.2 house geckos - both unnamed (a mother and baby. Mom escaped while I was away a month or so ago and is currently free-ranging in my basement and eating the free range cricket population)
various cornsnakes, 0.1 black pine snake, 1.0 uromastyx geyri, etc.

"The only thing worse than a human who had no respect for other animals was a human who assumed all other animals thought and felt just like he did." --Julia Ecklar, "ReGenesis"
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Join Date: Aug-2002
Location: Manitoba
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Banana Kings : Franklin and Lizzy
Cal Kings : Dusty and Jewels
South Florida Kings: Merv and Blanche
Tangerine Milks : Django and Djanga
Corns : Duke and Scarlet
Cranwill's Captive Bred Snakes
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Old 09-06-02, 03:43 AM   #51 (permalink)
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Join Date: Feb-2002
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
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Here it goes(in no particular order)
Burms: Lucy,Mr.Crowley,Gemini,Weiland,Mayzie,Vulcan,Puffy ,Cleo,Chevelle,Baby#1,Baby#2,Baby#3,Libbie??? and a few others
Orion, Sky and Col. Mustard
Hypo,Fatty,Isis,Snowflake(story...)Chocco,Spot,Nau ghty Bitey,Female Het Albino#2(i know...real original) W.C. female#2 and#3, Smalls, Professor,Jungle and about 10 more with numbers,ricky,McGrath,Seth,Yukon,Tahoe....and more???
Ennis and Diablo
Tiger Rat:
Great Basin Rattler:
Damien(straight from the wraths of hell) and Ms.
Zara and 2?,3?,4?
and about 20 other snakes I cant think of right now!!

Dogs: Koda(NOT DAkota)Malamute. and Delilah-Rottweiler
Cats: Dinky,Bob,Marvin,stubbs,meow meow fuzzy lips
Horses: Challenger and Scout
Black Widow: Potsy(shes all fat and cute)

Ummm....I think thats it even though I still couldnt think of them all.
O'yeah...Im taking in to adult yellow anacondas on rescue and need names for them...hint hint...
Don't waste your time.....EMBRACE IT!!
And then you'll know yourself....
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Location: Regina, SK
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This is a great post idea - many very original names. Our reptilian critter names are:

Common Boas - Oscar, Lilith, Zelda and Phoebe
Carpet Pythons - Boomer, Taz, Zoe, Darwin, Sydney and Foster
Honduran Milks - Rumba, Tango and Carmen
Corns - Nibblet, Scudder, Simon, Nicholas, Cheddar, Colby, Ivy, Oliver
Mexican milk - Sizzle, Flicker
Variable king - Peso, Tea
Mexican black king - Noodle
Florida king - Rafferty
Cal king - Decker, Trinket, Ripple
Yellow ratsnake - Eli
Bullsnake - Xena
PacMan frogs - Frogbert, Frogernie and Rambo

I won't bother with mammal names - too many to list!

Mary v.
Mary VanderKop
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my snow cornsnake's name is Snow Ball... lol. :-) i named her that b/c well, i wanted a weird name for a snake, yet one that suited her. sound reasonable to you? lol
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Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: NC
Age: 34
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Also, my columbian red-tail boa's name is Mitch... off of Road Trip.
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Location: in my sock
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i have a toad named gerald
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here we go.......

MAle Albino Burm.....Birdy
Female Normal Burm.....Carly
Female Green Burm.......joesie
Green Water dragons.....Casey + lue
male whites tree frog.....Howard
female whites tree frog....lillyen
Nigerian Uro male......Willson
Mali Uro male......Jermie
Coastal Carpet male......Doobie
Jungle Carpet male......Nasty
Carpet x Scrub male......Scrubs
bearded dragon male.......AL
rough green snake female......Greenie
Savannah Monitor......Baby monitor
Ball python male......Baby ball
Pittbull x rottie female....babie
Tom Cat.......scoutt
female cat.....Kia
rose hair tarantula........roseie

that's it i think
Specializing in Large Pythons
Home of the "GIANTS"
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My list is pretty short compared to some of yours:

Leopard gecko - Ying (I also had one named Yang but sold her)
Blood python - Montana (used to be named Helios just like Dom's blood, pretty weird)
Borneo short-tailed python - Rio
African giant plated lizard - Sumo
Mutt - Shallie

And some names I want to use for future reptiles are Homer, Monty and Kramer.

"A closed mind is a dead mind"

My Picture Gallery

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Royal Python - Keerie

California King - Diego
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ball python-----> bugsly
leo gecko------->onyx
1.0 boa--------->aiden
0.1 boa--------->Jade
reticulated----->dont know leaning twords striker
0.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons,
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Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: Toronto
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Giant Day Gecko pair - Evette and Even
Green Lacerta- Anson (got that name right after Anson Carter won the gold for Canada)
Crested Gecko pair- still haven't name them since they're not sexable yet, but I think the tan one would be named Sol (the beer, for the coloration)
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