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Old 07-30-02, 06:15 PM   #31 (permalink)
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Join Date: Jun-2002
Location: Virginia
Age: 33
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here we go:

My pets:
Cali. Banded Kingsnake - Magnus
Spotted Python - Reggie (From Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Red Eared Slider - Spike (one reptile HAS to be named Spike!)
Leopard Gecko - Skuzz
Basset Hound - Leia

Family pets:
Guinea Pig - Mandy (she's my moms)
Cockatiel - Marahootai (she's my brothers)
Rabbit - Chewie (horny lil bugger that we all dont care for lol )
:grab: Ze Jotun :grab:
If it smells like HyGhBr|d, and tastes like HyGhBr| must be HyGhBr|d
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Location: Ottawa
Age: 42
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Sabula (female ball python)
Mantra (female ball python)
Oryx (male ball python)
Sparkle (glossy snake)
Nasty ******* (everglade ratsnake)
Spike (10 y.o. male Boxer. Was already named when I got him.)
Schizo (male ferret)
Phrenic (female ferret. thinks she is a tazmanian devil)
Chubbs (male ferret)
Valentine (female ferret. Was my girlfriends Valentines Day gift)
Diablo (male green iguana)

I can never remember the Bearded Dragons name, but my vote was for Gnubley. Once had a female hamster named Schmoopy, and a horny little male hamster named Dirk Diggler.
Jeff Stemmler
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Old 07-31-02, 05:52 AM   #33 (permalink)
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Join Date: Jul-2002
Location: Ottawa, Canada
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I've gone with a Caribbean theme for naming my chams...

Bacchanal (Veiled)
Calypso (Panther)
Jouvay (Dwarf Jackson's)
Irie (Veiled)

2 of my igs came to me with names already...Daisy and Harley and last ig is Hephaestus


I don't like reggae... oh no. I LOVE IT!
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Old 08-30-02, 07:46 PM   #34 (permalink)
Join Date: Aug-2002
Location: ottawa
Age: 37
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I have a pet leucistic texas rat snake called osiris.
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Join Date: Mar-2002
Location: Chatham, Ontario
Age: 35
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Pandora - ball
the others I have not named yet...
1.0 Blood
1.1 albino burms
0.1 burm
0.0.3 baby corns
1.1 tang-hondurian milks
1.1 spotted pythons
0.1 ball

and girlfriend has 1.1 veilds named button and safron

loki- siberian husky
20 gallon various fish

lol we had to move to a 2 bedroom to make room for everyone

but still am making plans for more....
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Old 08-30-02, 09:05 PM   #36 (permalink)
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Join Date: Aug-2002
Location: Minnesota
Age: 33
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I've got 2 bearded dragons named Stubby and Sheila Lester and a Scorpion named Clyde. Sheila was named for Steve Irwin.

:skull: My God Your A Tripod! :skull:
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Join Date: Mar-2002
Location: British Colombia
Age: 36
Posts: 2,525
Long list

This could take hours, so let's begin!

1.1 blood reds Daytona and Rasberry
1.1 normals Seth and Strawberry
1.0 snow Starch
1.1 aner Cujo and Peppercorn
0.1 normal Sweetcorn

0.1 yellow rat Snapdragon
1.0 greenish rat Elvis
1.0 glades x black Spruce
1.0 grey x corn (frosted corn) Flake

0.1 mex black Purity
0.2 abberant, hight yellow cals, Deega and Sunshine

1.0 mid baja Miles
1.1 chocolate Hershey and Ginger (she's on the loose though)
1.0 intergrade George
0.1 coastal Claire

1.0 sand boa Stickle (has 8 kinks in his back)
0.1 eastern garter Lass
1.0 BCI Slippers
0.1 albino green burm Kaali

0.1 beardie Octavia
0.1 iggie Duquesa

1.0 het bliz leos Kansas
0.2 het bliz Piglet and Foxy
0.1 tremper albino Abby

0.1 snow white cockatiel Crystal
1.0 albino budgie Marshmallow
0.1 grey tiel Shanti
1.0 white/blue budgie Hudson
2.0 ringneck doves Primero and Segundo
0.1 Rattus rattus Titania

I think that covers everyone that has a name. Damn, I can't remember people's name, but I got to keep all those straight and Vanan's too! YIKES!

Plus a whack load of snakes and lizards unnamed that need naming. I plan to have all my herps named.
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Join Date: Jun-2002
Location: Toronto
Age: 34
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2.1 cats - Mr.Moo Moo, Moo2, and whiskers
1 dog april
0.0.1CWD- spike(my girl named it)
0.1BP - unnamed
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Join Date: Mar-2002
Location: Ontario, Canada
Age: 33
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lots of great names!

My cats names are:
Socks(was already named)
Joee( was already named)
Maxwell(Maxwell smart cus he's so smug)
Princess Aurora(Aurora thinks shes better then the Queen)
Mr.Bogjangles(Bo is a big goof and only has one eye)
Zek(already named when we got him)
Iris(we named Iris after the Goddess of the rainbow?? I think)
mama kitty(cuz she had babies when we resuced her)

My dogs names are
Fork(don't ask me)
Satan(my dad named Satan)

My snakes names are
Ball Python-Lestat (BP)
-Meave (means intoxacting)

Red tail-Nathara (means snake in African)

forgot my horse Pipper!! oops
~life is like a big toilet and guess what your in it!~

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Join Date: Jul-2002
Posts: 595
I have:
1 Male ball python named Leo
1 male/female ball python named TeAmo * which means I love you in spanish*
and 1 female * i hope * Columbian Red tailed boa named Cha Cha
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Old 08-31-02, 01:37 PM   #41 (permalink)
Join Date: Jul-2002
Posts: 595
OMG! I forgot my cats, On is a red birman named Boo
and the other is fat dumb cat named Shania
also i have a mouse named Tedo and another mouse named Mittens. BYE!
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Hum... Animals that I have named.

Male - Squeek was his given name and his proper name is Kaneda and he only weighs 25 pounds
Female - Pandora, The oldest of the pack and the only one I named
Female - Kaylee I let one of my girlfriends name her.

Male - Louis
Male - Lestat, both of these ferrets have now passed on.

Dog, Nala. The Shar-Pei breeder had already named this dog when we bought it.

Snow Corn - Pinky (probably going to have mental problems since he is named after his current diet.)
Brazilian Rainbow Boa - Yet UnNamed And My snow corn is just a temp name until I can think of something more fitting. those are just what I use in my Dbase for keeping track of them

No other pets in the house yet but more snakes are on the way.

Snakes? I just like to teraform!
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Old 09-01-02, 10:27 AM   #43 (permalink)
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Talking you're going to regret asking that... hehe :)

Ok, here's the list

And formerly, just went to new homes, Pandora & Callista (both turned out to be males, not females... doh )


Fish etc.
Bam Bam
The Quints
Formerly my seahorses, RIP: Morgan, Mystie, Cira, Gwen, Chaosti, Casey & Leia

I think that covered everyone
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Took me 3 months to come up with a name for my BRB, I was looking for a name that sounded cool, was female in gender (female snake) and just plain isn't used much. And when I finally decided on the name, I came to find out one of my freinds has a relative with this name. LOL oh well its still unique.

Anyways her name is Lucrecia
~~Curently Owned~~
Crested Gecko: 0.0.2
African Fat Tail Gecko: 1.1
Ball Python: 0.0.1
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Okay, now that we've added three more snakes, I'll add their names to our growing family list(G)

The new members are.....

Anu/An - male Sumatran Red Blood Python (named for the Summerian King of Heaven, not the Irish Anu Queen of Heaven)

Inana - female Sumatran Red Blood Python


Tiamat - Female Columbian Red Tail

Those are the newbies, my other list is a couple pages back (G)

__________________ - Serpents of the Morning Star - Sophiagroup

"He who always gets the last word, is generally the least intelligent speaker!"
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