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What bedding do you use?

Ok, I am not sure if I should post this somewhere else.
What bedding do you guys use?
I am getting tired of newspaper, it takes at least 3 hours to clean the enclosures up with newspaper and I never feed them in their enclosures. I saw some people with woodchip or someting.
So what do you guys use? I want to try and house my ball pythons and cornsnakes on something else than newspaper.

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well after my balls quarantine period i changed the subtrate that i use from white paper (used to check for mites) to green astroturf, she loves it, it's not toxic and it is super easy to maintain, once she deficates, it's as easy as taking the turf out and putting in a new clean piece, it also helps her with her shed.
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I use newspaper for some and cypress mulch for the rest. I like both, newspaper is cheap or free and easy to replace. Cypress looks good, holds humidity well and is easy to spot clean.
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I myself use the following:

Green Astroturf (As stated above), Cypress mulch, shredded Newspaper, Grounded up egg cartons, Reptile bark, & thin carpet.
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If u want to use something like woodchips becauseful. Try to keep them on aspen!!! Its a little more expensive but its not bad for them!!! Avouisly dont feed on it but...its good...
Ceder is toxic!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I use Carefresh.
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Dammit my kingdom for carefresh!! I think I'll have to try to find it online, I have NEVER seen it for sale anywhere!
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news paper and papertowel are by far my favorite.
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It all depends on the animal But for the most part aspen bedding or paper towel.
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I use newspaper and paper towel mostly. Sometimes I use aspen bedding. But I tend to favor the newspaper and paper towel because it's cheaper/free.
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I'm starting to greatly dislike newspaper. I have noticed the ink come off on my herps, and I just can't believe that it's not harmful to them. Although, our female BCI is still on newspaper. I think I might try paper towel for the smaller enclosures. Other than that, I always have a huge bag of aspen handy. I think it's not only better for the snake keeper, but the snakes love to bury in it. Heck, sometimes it can eliminate the need for a hide box.
- Ken LePage
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Invictus beat me to it.. Back in the day Newspaper always gave my herps an added color and didnt care much for it.. I've been using leaves and sand for several years, depending on animal, and Ive found it to work nicely. Just what works for me.
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Reptibark is my favorite.
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I was useing a bark substrate but have since switched to aspen it smells much better is easier to clean the snakes love to burrow through, for new guys in quarinteen i keep them on plain old white paper towel
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I use newspaper, paper towel, or bath towels, depending on the size of enclosure and animal in it. If you are considering astro-turf I would strongly recommed just using bath towels. Much easier to keep clean since you can put it in a washing machine (IMHO astr-turf never gets fully clean). Towels come in the same colours, or any other colour you could possibly want

If you want something more natural looking I would recommend going with cypress mulch or carefresh (though its drabby grey appearance isn't very natural, still looks ok and can hold humidity, unlike aspen which molds quickly when dampened). Hardwood shavings are the only kind you can use, softwoods are all toxic, some are extremely mild [ex- fir (ie- repti-bark] so much that symptoms may go unoticed, but some like cedar which attack the neurosystem and can kill herps.
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