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Who put that horseshoe in my ***!

OK folks. I have a story to tell. I'm not sure how to tell it. I'll start off with calling myself a bone-head.
Saturday afternoon was like most others.......
I was cleaning my enclosures and transplanting some animals into appropiate size containers. I'd decided to put my baby female Grey Banded King (that i got from BHB Enterprises in Michigan 6 weeks ago) back into my rack system and out of a 10 gallon aquarium. The prior tenant of the tub the grey band was being placed into was an adult honduran and the airholes were drilled accordingly. Yep, you got it. Bye Bye Grey Band. She was a beauty. So, For the past 3 days I've been spreading baking flour all over my basement as well as water dishes, pinkies, and heat lights. To put things into perspective a little. I'm in the beginning stages of moving to New Brunswick. I have most of my possesions boxed and piled floor to ceiling in preparation for the moving company. The freezer is next to my racks also. An infinite number of hiding places. The snake is 9 grams and about 12-13". I've been getting up in the middle of the night to check my traps. No signs in the powder.
Here's where I get the pain in my butt. I get home this evening and a bunch kids as well as my own are sitting out front of my house watching me walk toward the door. A little fat kid blerbs out "we found your snake". My 8 year old daughters friends were playing out front of their house approx 2 blocks away(lots of vegetation around this area) and spoted it next to a tree. Knowing that i have snakes, the kids ran to my daughter for her to come see. (i dared not tell anyone in the neighborhood that I lost a snake).
My daughter recognized it and picked it up right away and brought it home. She is so proud of the bite marks on her hands and i can see her satisfaction of giving me back an animal i lost. I told her the other day that i would pay her $100.00 if she found it in the basement and she has been looking for it diligently. I really didn't think it would show up. I split the finders fee with her and her friend that spoted it.
To make a long story short. Pay attention to what you are doing and don't be a bonehead. Now, how do I keep this horse-shoe from falling out of my bum?


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hey thats awesome my only ? is what on earth would make you move to NB?? OOOHHH I just noticed you were located in ottawa my mistake.

Just kiddin best of luck too you and you're family
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Holy sheet you are lucky. The proverbial needle in the haystack is found! Congrats on getting it back. Alterna for life! =P
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Thats awesome...its always good to find an animal you thought was gone...
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congrats on finding the little snake. Always nice to have closure to a lost critter. As for the horse shoe thing, you may want to refrain from venturing into the farm yard with your pants down. LOL..........j/k
Once again congrats...
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wow!! That is a great happy ending. for your daughter and her friend too, I bet! And now she has a tail of a story to share with all her friends at school. lol.
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great find and i hope that you will never lose another snake

did you get the money back in your bank?
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I fortunately haven't had many bad escapes ( they didn't go very far) but if I ever do I hope to have a happy ending like your story
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Congrats on getting your snake back, it's always a panic when we lose our kids eh?
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Phew! Horseshoe up your *** no kidding Congrats on the safe return of your snake...
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Wow that was luck.
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Wow!! Thats a hell of a story. I'm glad you got it back. I think you should give your daughter a bonus.
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Thats pretty awesome that she recognized, AND caught it.. Congrats on finding it. how far away was the place they found it in?
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RaVeNo888o: It was approx 200 meters away.
burmer: I gave my daughter and her friend $100.00 between them.
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