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dag gummit Fred I ain't no Canadian lol j/k
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Heh heh...

And how about them Chargers? Go Flutie!!
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Dear Sterling and Dear Jeff....................

To Sterling:
Sorry I thought you were Canadian, frankly I have met so many cool Canadians, and so many screwed up Americans in the past 2 months that I ASSUMED you were Canadian by your attitude. Whichis a good thing! You are still THE MAN, Sterling, as you defended me from those iditos on the boa forum. thanks.

To Jeff Favelle,

CHARGERS? You *GOTTA* be kidding????
Id sooner dunk my head in the mens urinal in the restroom at the San DiegoSports Arena and pull out a air freshener from it with my teeth!

Math equation for the day class!:

1 Lousy football team(Chargers)
-+ 100's of Expeniive inflated season tickets

Hundreds of disillusioned fans




TRULY DO..........

GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!


Aztec Fred
(Raider Fan FOR LIFE!!)

I bleed silver and black.....................
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LOLn i believe aliens put us here on earth as"cattle" for food !!!then like rabbits in australia we just over run the place so they moved on to somewhere else!!
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wish we could get back Conrad Dobler at his prime. I consider him the ultimate Raider player of all time lol (nobody said I was sane)
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I'd have to say Go 49ers then 'cause they have Garcia. Raiders? Who's their QB? Exactly. Maybe they should sign Andre Ware again, ha ha!!
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I would have to say that I agree and disagree with both arguments ( which is different for me as I can get very opinionated about certain subjects ).

I think that the first consideration should be for the animals, I mean, some animals can be inter-bred quite successfuly, for example the Bengal Cat or the mule which is a cross between a horse and a donky, but others just don't mix well at all producing an animal that just wasn't meant to be ( I can't think of any at the moment ).

I personally don't really believe in cross breeding myself, but as long as the animal produced is 100% a healthy animal then so be it. I might even find one that I like.

Thanks for reading my rather long winded reply, I'll try to keep it shorter next time

Growing old is manditory
Growing up is optional
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Speaking for myself and from my exp.,I'm not sure anyone can positively guarantee that the animal(s) they have before them are"pure" this or that. Most of us get our herps from breeders who try to represent their animals honestly, but who can sincerely be sure of the complete lineage of any animal? Even wild ones.I believe the problem is with those who do not represent the animals they sell honestly. (As it was with Fred's boas I think.) Unless we all have access to some dna typing equip., we are at the mercy of each other's honesty. Mark
Surrender Dorothy!
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