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Old 07-26-02, 02:35 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Unhappy My Computer is TOAST!!!!

If it seems like i am not around, its because my computer is completely fried... I dont know if it was a virus or what, but my hard disk wont boot!! argh!!! no more downloading off KaZaA for me!!! So i will be back hopefully early next week, im going to buy a whole new hard drive and give it a go! is offline  
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Good luck...don't you wish computers were as easy to care for as snakes?
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Jeff, i warned out about all that porn you always download.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....kiddin g, im kidding, Shane.
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... no he's not... it's ok i've burnt out HUNDREDS of hard drives download por-- erm mp3s...

actually i havent i just wanted to make ya feel better hope everything works out for ya jeff
:grab: Ze Jotun :grab:
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hope the fix works, look at it like you wanted a bigger HD lol
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Old 07-26-02, 08:53 PM   #6 (permalink)
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its easy....

i've burnt out at least 3 hardrives in the last 6 months, it annoys me too. rbut meh when your uploading and downloading files. NOT porn, but playstation and x-box games!) it happens easy!
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I lost my last HD to kazaa also
im with morpheous now and seems to take forever to get a song

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i still use kazaa but was thinking of going to morpheus, but heard it is cruddd
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We still use Kazaa though it is taking your putor's life in your hands literally... morpheus has gone the way of napster

Basically... we simply use zonalarm {free download} as a firewall and Norton 2002 auto-updated several times daily for protection... we've been hit as many as 5-10 times in a day and these two stop them all... so far. {G}

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