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RIP - John Ritter and Johnny Cash

Country music legend Johnny Cash has died in Nashville of complications from diabetes at 71.

Actor and comedian John Ritter has died unexpectedly after he was rushed to the hospital for a "dissection of the aorta". Ritter, who would have turned 55 next week, was the star of the ABC series "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter."
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And was in Threes Company.

They will be missed
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Just the other day I told someone that I wouldn't be suprised to hear that Johny Cash dies soon. I was actually a big fan of his (I'm not a country music fan).

I loved threes company as a kid, and really liked John Ritter.

That is sad news, and I learned about it on

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Man John Ritter was AWESOME in Slingblade and I of course used to watch Three's Company all the time. I am sad to hear this news as I thought he was a good actor.

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Although I'm not a huge fan of country music, I sure was a fan of the famous "man in black" Johnny Cash.


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I can't believe that John Ritter is dead! Just saw him doing an interview on TV a couple of weeks ago...

May they both RIP...
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Sad news indeed.

Though I am not a fan, I bought Johnny Cash's latest CD (yes, I buy them) with the music video of "Hurt" (from 9 inch nails) and it is a powerful statement - maybe hit me stronger than the original version coming from someone of his age - closer to my own!

And John Ritter - more depth than he typically got to show - really liked him as the dad on Scrubs.

mary v.
Mary VanderKop
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I was shocked when I heard about these deaths on the morning news. I had a great deal of respect for both of the Johns here. 8 Simple Rules was one of my favorite TV sitcoms, and I grew up on Three's Company. Never been a huge country fan, but it's always sad when a legend passes on, fan or not. They will both be missed.
- Ken LePage
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oh my god...that's unbelievable. I was just listening to some johnny cash records with my friends last night over whiskey and franks and beans. and john ritter...geez. What a loss.

Johnny Cash was born on my birthday.
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They were both icons in their own respects. I too grew up on Three's Company and Ritter used to make me LMAO on a regular basis. I can't believe he's gone already.

While Cash seems to have been tagged with the less than deserved moniker of "Country Music Legend", he was far more than that. For those of you that think you know who he was, I suggest digging a little deeper. You may gain a whole new admiration for the man.

To add a little levity to the situation, I can't help but imagine the two of them in reversed roles. The Man in Black in a scene with Janet, Chrissy, and Mr. Roper pulling a prat fall over an ottoman. And perhaps Johnny Ritter performing live at San Quentin would prove entertaining!

Revenge is a dish best served cold...

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Originally posted by marisa
Man John Ritter was AWESOME in Slingblade
I agree. He was very underated as an actor IMO. I was shocked to here the news of both of them today.
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I was in a movie with John Ritter!! (A Child's Wish). I was just an extra, but meeting him and stuff was soooo cool.

So sad to hear.
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Such sad news Wasn't much for a lot of the newer stuff... but a lil Ring of Fire and Three's Company is always good times
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Thats sad man
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This is truely sad, grew up on Three's Company as a kid (the original, not the reruns) and my dad was a big fan Johnny Cash. In fact recently we have introduced our kids to some of Cash's songs and they got a kick out of One Peice at a Time and A boy Name Sue. The Old Lady and I were just discussing wether he had passed away or not and then I saw on the news something about the fact that he just performed recently. I thought that was cool, but I guess it happens to all sooner or later, truely sad.

Our childhood ends the day we truely realize we are going to die one day.

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