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That is a very unnatural food source for a snake. And anything that may eat meat isnt a good diet for a snake i think?

No i do not agree with it at all. I wonder if he had the schools consent?
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I have very mixed emotions about this one... dogs and cats are pets that most of us were raised with. Many pets become another member of the family. My best friend in the whole world is my cat... would I ever let him be fed to something? HELL NO!! Seeing a cat being fed to something would really bother me too... but I don't think it should be illegal. If a person has the stomach for it then by all means go for it. Just dont make others watch (expecially children who have to go home and look at fluffy)

The animals that are killed off in shelters (another thing I have issues with by the way) are dead anyway. We might as well feed them to something that can use it. Why breed more mice just to die when there is already a viable food source?

I requested that I be fed to a tiger or something when I die... I figure that I am done with my body so it might as well go to use... but I doubt my family will honour that request LOL
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maybe they shouldnt be wasted but I certainly wouldnt want my kid to witness that as a school project!
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snakemann87-No he did not have the schools consent. Once complaints were put against him by parents the school asked him not to do it. This wasn't the first time the students would have been shown the snake eating. The teacher had fed it rats before in front of the students.

Chris-We never said your pet cat...we had stated unwanted.
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A couple other scenarious to ponder here :
1)Many highschools watch "wildlife videos" which contain scenes of large predators such as lions & crocodiles tearing apart prey such as gazelles. The gazelles or other prey are still alive.
2)Most large reptiles & other such predators in captivity that would be capable of eating cats & dogs do not have rats & mice as their alternative food source. To make a proper comparison one must have in mind that they would be fed goats, sheep, lambs, calves & various members of the 'deer' family that can be 'farmed' for them.
3)There was a recent news article about a lady (tho I forget where she was from) who had willed that she be fed to her beloved lions when she passed away. When her demise did come to pass her family was horrified at having to do it & went to court to fight it. They won & her dying wish was not honored even tho she had taken all proper steps to make it so.
4)Pet cemetarys are available for animals who have lived their lives with families. Never ask your veterinarians what happens to bodies of animals that they have "put to sleep" & been left with.
5)Picture in your mind the beloved 4-H calf or Pony Club mount; then visit a livestock auction or; if you are brave enough; a slaughter house. Try to find out where all "unusable parts" go.
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Well Aaron you did good man you made a real debat sucsefull.

This is my stand....
First off why would any one put a cat or dog above a reptile when they have ben around longer if not double there life time. Lets get passed equility for a second and look at reality.

If I hade a huge reptile fecility and I was called every friday and was told ok Marc we put down 20 of this weeks strays chimical free for you how many will you need next week that would be apropriat for me. Did you know that a stray that is picked up off the streets has 4 days to be claimed WHY you may ask they need to make room for the folowing week's worth of animals that will be braught in. so why not have a good number (if not all) put down chimical free and then frozen for big zoos or facilitys.

Now I am not saying lets all get into breeder kitys. But if it's ther lets use it why breed somthing just to kill it when hundreds of prey items are being incenarated or placed in to veggie burgers J/K LOL.

Now should the teacher show frist, second or third graders. But if we are talking about his/her grade 11 and 12 biology class well then I am all for it. also I would nat show how it kills simply becaus I am not all about live feeding but if the teacher can get still born pigs for disection why not a few kittens or puppys.

In all reality put your self in these shoes you have 300 + animals to feed and the humain sociaty will donat for free 30%-40% of your pray items tellm me that is not areciated whne that gives you the extra cash to worry about vet bills, water filters, new cage linings, replacement bulbs for over 150 cages in over stock just so you have them when you need them. these sort of savings can make a big diffrence in a big reptile collection.

well I said me pice for now.

Marc Doiron.

P.s. Snakeman87 a snake eating prey that eats meat is not a bad thing Anacondas can and do eat jags in the wild along with your occasional caiman and just about anything that they can catch. Large constrictors are oportunistic hunters in other words if they have not eatin in a few monts and then they find a dead lion what is gona stop them from eating it eaven if it wasent dead if they acn get close enugh to a sleeping lion what is there to stop them. now I am done.
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Marc,From you view it would be convient to feed kittens and puppies for a large collection. BUT the human society wouldn't do that. THey sooner put down that 30-40% of animals and throw the bodies away or do whatever it is they do. ( I wouldn't put it past them buring them,which puts toxins from the smoke into the atomosphere and that helps global warming and in return that would kill the animals they love,once again vicious circle)
Also people put dogs and cats above an animal that has lived for millions and years more then cats or dogs but they are cute and cuddly and they have been domesticated. They show feelings and love to their owners. So people prefer them. It's like how people treat sharks...they have been around longer then reptiles and well since they occasionally MISTAKE us for food and yet people hate them. Just because of their natural instinct. We go into their habitat and they continue what they do best and we out right destroy them.

Darlene-The videos they may watch might show all that stuff but to see it in real life is different. It just might shock them...although if they have watched a rat being killed..I don't see the tears that should follow with this. Maybe the teacher should have stuck them in front of those homeless puppies being killed cause noone wanted them. THen do this experiemnt..they might think of it differently. See the biology and the way the animal kingdom truely works.
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