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snakemann87 09-08-03 05:54 PM

Kingsnake Offfer!?
Well today was my first day back to school(everyone else was in for 2 weeks). My old teacher approached me and asked if I am still into snakes and the whole bit. Well obvioiusly YES!!!! Her daughter has a Cali King and she asked if i would take it NEXT year when she goes off to college!!!!! I told her I'd have to discuss ti with my parents and think about what college IM going to and if I can take them. But I'm planning on living off campus. I really want this snake cause I like Calis.......and also cause I belive its under fed. Last year she told me her daughter feeds it NOTHING but pinkies because she fears it CHOKING!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Well I asked how big and old and she said it is about 18'' and alittle over 1 year old? Is that small.....I think so.

Please post your opinions but I feel I can care for one more but again. I am thinking this over ALOT. I will be discussing colleges this year so that may help.

Thank you


snakemann87 09-08-03 10:22 PM

..........anyone? I need some opinions PLEASE!:)

Linds 09-08-03 11:09 PM

Thats definitely too small for a yearling ks. In the meantime I do hope you try to educate her on proper feeding, poor thing isn't going to choke :(

Solid Snake 09-08-03 11:11 PM

take it!!!! what better chance would it have with her, i dont like things going hungery.

can't u bring your snakes with you to college? well i mean where ever u are staying? I know lots of my friends owned animals and they brought it with them

snakemann87 09-08-03 11:16 PM

hmm im not sure but im going to check it out SolidSnake!

Linds I tried........nothing?? I mean..........BLAH!!!!! Lets hope i can acquire it quicker then she had said so i can get it on some nice Rat Pinks

Jeff_Favelle 09-09-03 12:11 AM

BABY Cal Kings basically start on small fuzzies so feeding that thing a pinky at its age is a joke. And not a funny one.

snakemann87 09-09-03 12:16 AM

Yes I agree. WAY too small

Jeff_Favelle 09-09-03 12:28 AM

I hope you get the snake! I think you have the tools to easily care for another snake. Snakes are sooo low maintainance. I'm rooting for ya! :D

snakemann87 09-09-03 12:35 AM

Awesome!!! I lok up to you and its awesome to know YOUR rooting for me!!!!! YEEEEEEHAAAAAW:)

gonesnakee 09-09-03 01:17 PM

Sounds like its being seriously underfed. She obviously hasn't researched her pet very well. Hopefully it will not be stunted or have any other health problems as a result of underfeeding. Take it off her & show it some proper care. Mark I.

Invictus 09-09-03 01:38 PM

Hope you get that snake, Don. I'm sure you'll make sure it has what it needs.

lilyskip 09-09-03 01:42 PM

I'm in college right now with my bp, and there haven't been any problems. I'm on campus, and they're technically illegal, but most colleges look the other way on things like that (check with current students and your potential college, though). But as long as you don't flaunt it, it should be fine.

I really hope it all works out for you...a year old ks on pinkies because of fear of CHOKING is ridiculous. Good luck.

OttawaChris 09-09-03 02:36 PM

Just tell her pinkies are fine... as long as she is feeding it 12 or so pinkies a week LOL When that gets expensive she might decide to go to bigger prey.

snakemann87 09-09-03 02:42 PM

Yes I hope I can get it.
LOL Chris. I hope she would consider after that! If i do acquire it ill be sure to feed it properly!

MouseKilla 09-09-03 03:06 PM

The thing about kings is that they have a huge appetite and tiny little heads. They tend to have to eat smaller food than other species of the same length and body girth. I have a cal king about that age too and he's just barely able to choke down rat pinks, he eats like 6 of them in one feeding but he couldn't eat anything bigger. Who knows, maybe the thing IS eating 8-10 pinkies a week. I'd want to have a look at it before deciding it's underfed. Anyhow, good luck, scoring a free snake is always cool.

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