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Join Date: Jul-2003
Location: Prince Edward Island,Canada
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hey,do any of you have any nice rescue stories??i could use them
right now,i got a nigerian uromastyx from a guy i know here for
free,naturally i felt bad for this lil guy(who has the heart to turn down one of those cute little faces?)so i took him home and fed him baby food from a syringe,along with electrolyte,and pedialite
....oh right i didn't mention what was wrong with him,he was severely dehydrated and skinny as a rake,you could feel his spine and his ribs,he was litterally skin and bones,he also had an eye infection i was trying to clear up with polysporin eye drops
anyway.....he died last night after only being in my care for about 36 hours,i did take him to the vet,they tryed there best,i know they did,but he was to far gone and didn't make the drive home from the vet....i thought i'd be prepared for the worst case scenario,but it's hard to prepare yourself for something like this,i don't except death to well,it was pretty hard on me and my gf,we
had just spent the last day babying this little guy,and now he was
gone,not excepting i tryed for 15 minutes to revive him,but to no
avail,i knew he was gone and i was wasting my time,but i couldn't except that,anyway i was just wondering if anyone has a
good rescue story with a happy ending,or if you wanna get
something off your chest like me,go ahead,thanks guys
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Location: Ottawa, Ontario
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Well, i dont have any rescue stories about reptiles so i wont share them Dont feel so bad, you did everything you could, it was his time to go. I think its great that you tried to help as much as you sucks he was put in that situation in the first place and i would love to rip the owner a new ***hole BUT, most probably wouldn't have even taken him to the vet. You did all you could, im sorry for your loss
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Just yesterday I was in a “Pet Store” picking up some crickets. I always look at the reptiles while I wait. One tank had a breeding trio of leopard geckos and one looked very sickly. Her tail was extremely skinny and you could see the outlines of her entire skeleton. I talked with the manager and told him if I were him, I wouldn’t even be displaying the poor thing, let alone trying to sell it!! He assured me that she was fine. So I walked away to buy my crickets. While in the line up I kept thinking about her and made a decision. After the purchase I walked back up to the manager and said I’d give him $20 to take her off his hands. He said I’d at least have to pay cost, then went to get her. When he came back, he had changed his mind and said since I cared that much, I could have her for free.
So that is my little rescue story. It is on going. I got her to eat yesterday and am waiting for her to produce me a fecal sample to bring to the vet. She is not very active, but I have high hopes. I have owned leos for 3 years now, so I kinda know what to do……but I’ve never nursed one back to health yet. Wish me luck! Hopefully my story can have a better ending.
I am really sorry about your loss though. It is really hard wondering if there is just one more thing that you could have done. But sometimes, when they are just soo far gone, perhaps its for the better. Extreme malnourishment has got to be hard on the brain too, since the brain requires way more metabolic energy than the rest of the body. It’s just really sad that people could consciously let an animal be that far gone and not care enough to learn how to help it!
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Last year I went to a pet shop to pick up some supplies and saw a fellow with a severely bitten wrist and forearm from cagemate aggression. It was grossly swollen and obviously infected so I badgered the shop owner into letting me take him home to treat him before he died. He was a hatchling bearded dragon about 6.5 inches in total length and very skinny and weak.

As I got home, my neighbor from across the hall asked for a favor. She had plans to take her brother out to dinner to cheer him up after a bad breakup but then a guy who had attracted her for months asked her out for that very same night. So she asked if I'd go out with them all to keep her brother some company.

I didn't have time to set up a proper hospital enclosure for The Gimp, as I called him, so I treated his wound with Betadine and polysporin ointment, wrapped a splint and bandage around the leg, then stuffed him into my bra to keep warm while I went out to dinner. Needless to say, I formed a strong attachment to The Cleavage Diving Gimp.

The next day I asked my vet friends over and we found that there were breaks in 3 places and a large abscess in the leg. We lanced, irrigated and drained the infection and then installed Penrose drains so that bacteria and lymph could continue to drain rather than fester. I changed his drains every 3 days and gave him daily Fortaz injections to try and stave off an infection that would cause his leg to need amputation.

I kept him for almost 2 weeks and then another vet friend, an anesthesiologist, asked to adopt him. The Gimp is now king of his own castle, living a life of lazy luxury and still has all 4 legs a year later. There are some odd lumps and bumps on the injured leg but it is strong and healthy and he uses it normally. He is 19 inches long and approaching 400 grams so he's obviously eating good.
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Join Date: Jul-2003
Location: Prince Edward Island,Canada
Age: 33
Posts: 176
hey guys,
thanks for your support,i appreciate it,i'm glad that not all rescues turn out to be disasters like mine,i know i tryed hard,but you can't help but think about the what if's eh?oh and i wish you the very best of luck with your leo,i hope everything goes well for you!!!

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We rescued 3 bearded dragons about a year ago. We treated them with baytril, boosted theyr calcium and uv, isolated them (they were 3 males stuck in the same aquarium).
A year later, we kept one of them and gave the 2 other ones.
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