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identify please.

well last night i got home froma bit of drinking and my neighbors were having a party. I went over there and one of the kids opened this lid on a bucket that had been sitting outside for 2 days and there was this snake in it. it had no water no nothing and they said they were going to put it in an aquarium.
i also asked where they got it and they said their friend has the mother and it give birth to a whole bunch of babies.
so i took the snake from them because they would have just killed it anyway.
they said it is a bullsnake, but i did a search and the pics i come up with dont look like it. to me it looks more like a garter snake, but i am still unsure.
here is some pics.

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It looks like an eastern garter snake.
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A nice example of a Wandering Garter Snake Thamnophis elegans vagrans.
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Very beautiful I must admite I know noth9ing about Thamnophis though
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A rare Alberta spitting cobra if ever I saw one!

Actually, it looks exactly like the garters I used to catch as a kid. I've gone on a few little retro herping hikes in Calgary over the years and the local populations of these guys appears to be dwindling to near extirpation.

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Definitely a garter. If the stripes on the side are restricted to scales in row 2 and 3 it is an eastern. If not, I would go with wandering as well.

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