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birthday party gone bad.

can you believe this.
[10:12pm]@ [Matt] he's all up in there like swimwear.
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Haha some people? Glad thats not my mother!
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Please Email Boots
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That is to funny! Poor kid will never live that one down!
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This is why we have saying like MILF!
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Hahahaha, thats hilarious!!!
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I know a few moms that I wish where like that!

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"The woman's son said he was embarrassed..." No ****! hahahaha poor SOB will have to go to school in another country to escape that. LOL!! "Mom! Mom stop, for God's sake! awwwwww MOM! that's gross" "Shut up and tip your mother young man!" hahahaha
I feel a little light headed... maybe you should drive...
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Not to bright!
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Originally posted by daver676
I know a few moms that I wish where like that!

HA HA Dave i was thinking the same

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I would like to see a pic of the mom before I pass judgement hehee
Yah but have you ever smelled cheese? Some of it stinks eh?
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That's funny in a "glad it happened to someone else" kinda way
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I would like to see a pic of the mom before I pass judgement hehee
LOL thats for sure. If she we're drop dead gorgeous, i would think the kids would have happily kept quiet.

But in all reality...How Nasty is that? How do you go from an innocent event such as go-karting, to "Hey kids how bout I get you drunk, and get neked for you." She's got some serious issues.
Momma Pedophile
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Eep. Yeah I heard about it on the news last night. Thats a little ridiculous to say the least...
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That funny $hit, that kid is never gonna live that down
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I think this is absolutely disgusting. I don't see any humor in it at all. That mother deserves jail.
- Ken LePage
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