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Personally, I'm on the fence about hybrids. I do believe that we shouldn't mess with nature that way, but, I also feel that some really neat specimens are produced from cross breeding, and I honestly think some of them are neat enough that I'd buy one.
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Sure odd things can be found in nature, doesn't mean it's natural..
These crosses are accident, they aren't there for a purpose
Who are you to say that? If itís found in nature without any human interventions there for it is NATURAL. You should know that every living thing on earth it a hybrid of some sort and it all started by accident. Sure there was no human intervention in the beginning, but now itís one other thing. Nobody is talking about crossing a pig and a snake. If it were so against nature, nature wouldnít allow it. We are not talking about hybrids made in labs, where they slice genes together to make transgenic snake. Itís like mixing different races of dogs, is that a mistake? How do you think we evolved to be what we are? It took a lot of crosses.

What different purposes a ball python and a corn snake have? They are snakes they serve the same purpose. We are not talking about releasing the hybrids in the wild, we choose to keep reptiles in captivity, and in a way we changed their purpose.

Even if people are against hybrids, it doesnít change the fact that hybrids have always been there and will always be there no matter what we might think. Is it a good thing that we help Mother Nature? I donít know (weíll talk about that in a100 years), but one thing is sure, even without our help nature will always find a way, these years more then ever.

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nope....I don't agree with hybridization.......some greedy quacks personal science project....who cares that the outcome may be bad....its sooo much fun....whiipppieee!!...more money......whatever!...there have been many good strong points expressed against it but none that were for it seemed reasonable enough for me to consider..IMHO. Funny rank....really annoys me!!!!gggrrrrrrrrr.....I can't post fast enough to get to the next one!lol
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I am a cross.
And so are most of you.

I am a cross between a Filipino, a Spanish and a German.

Why are they crosses? Because man said they are crosses?
Man said they were different subspecies. Whether you cross them or are already playing God

People say do not play God and cross things.
Well we are playing God already by deciding what species should not be crossed with what.

People say it is unatural to cross things...............that is true.
Then again so is keeping your pure locality boas in a 2x4 cage.

Jungle x Diamond is bad bad bad. So let us put a fence in between their homes so they do not mix with each other.

surinam boa x guyana boa is bad bad bad.
So someone build a fence....HURRY

Sure odd things can be found in nature, doesn't mean it's natural.. not play god by crossing things.
But please do play god when you decide what is natural and what is not.

These crosses are accident, they aren't there for a purpose.
Jungle x Diamond does not have a purpose. It does not eat rodents like a pure jungle or a pure diamond would.
Surinam boa x Guyana boa does not have a purpose. So kill them all.

The way I see it. Snakes of the same species can be mixed.
They are the same species. It was man who decided they were different.
A person from Canada is still the same species as the person from France and Spain etc etc etc.
If man decides to separate the species into subspecies depending on looks........Then man should also separate hmself into subspecies.

I am Homo sapien phillipinnese x with homo sapien germanese x with homo sapien spanishese
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Dogs may all be one species but who's to say they aren't sub species amongst each other, which gives them their distinct look. like take a look at all rat snakes. they're all elaphe. thus they're all the same species, just different sub species which man has designated. i don't see the difference between crossing dogs or cats and crossing snakes or other reptiles.

Hybrids do occur in nature (such as ratsnakes and kings crossing), and locality species do not pay attention to borders so who knows if it's what people say it is.
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who here actually breeds for reintroduction in the wild ?

Everyone is in for their own pleasure or to make money . the only thing that will destroy a species for good is keeping them all in captivity . By doing that we all encourage the destruction of all the species since more and more animals are being taken in the wild because all of us are advertising that reptiles are fun to keep as pets .

From our point its really wrong to kill tigers for medicinal products because there are just a few left . So are we waiting until there is only a hundred gtp left in the nature to start thinking it might be time to illegalize them in captivity so mr whoknowswho stops picking them up in nature because there are no more buyers . We all bring business to these people and are encouraging them to continu their work and god knows how much specimens dont survive the trip here . Keep in mind that probably 5 or 10 or more have died so you can have your PURE surinam and how much of these captive bred giant pythons makes it to adulthood ??? s much are sold but just a few have them big and fat what happens to the rest of them ???

So please cut the bullsh*t about trying to save a species by not hybridizing them when you are the first inline to help the destruction of a species by keeping it as pets and advertising them as "cool" pets and dont start saying but mine comes from captive born parents bla bla bla in the beginning they were taken in the natures and they are still taken there . We all keep them we all participate . Welcome to the human race . You wanna save them then instead of selling your babies have no contact at all with them and as soon as they are born put em in a box and ship it where its from so someone can put em back where they belong otherwise dont say you are trying to save them because you are not .

I know probably a lot will hate me for this post at at least im not hiding.

and btw a lots of hybrids looks really cool
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but who's to say they aren't sub species amongst each other
Good point. Excludig the facts that Domesticated dogs are techinically nothing but muts, like say M. f. testaceaus x M. f. flagellum were to be bred together you get a mut. Not a species. You get a new name like a Chain-link cornsnake, but it doesnt have a ssp. name all to its self. This is the reason domesticated dogs and cats are like they are with Breeds and not species or ssp. Domesticated dogs and cats were man made, and scientifically speaking man cannot make a new species, or ssp. We can make youre everyday freak, sure but no ssp. I have more to say but it really is my bed time and I will wait to add more to this. Its pretty much self explainatory after this though.. Good day
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