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View Poll Results: What do you support
I will not support the skin trade in anyway I would like to see it all banned 21 48.84%
I wont buy any skins no matter what but i dont see why others cant 4 9.30%
I would only buy from hunters who use most of the animal 3 6.98%
I will buy any i want the best quality for the lowest price 2 4.65%
I would only buy skin from farmed animals 2 4.65%
I only support it for some species that are basicly over running villages 1 2.33%
I would only buy from traders that give the skin hunters a good amount of pay so they wont need to hunt as many animals 1 2.33%
I Would like to see all skin hunting banned besides the farmed industry 9 20.93%
Voters: 43. You may not vote on this poll

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I was not yelling at anyone, Invictus..
Like I said, I don't preach to people. Everyone has their own lifestyle, and I accept that. But also accept that I have my own lifestyle and belief system.
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I am against trophy hunting for the sake of putting an animal's body or head in your livingroom as an ornament.
However if an animal's life is taken to provide nourishment-- or as is neccessary in some cultures-- for their skins,then I have no problem with that.

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I never implied that you were yelling at anyone, Kristina. I'm saying that I also don't yell at people whose opinions differ from mine.
- Ken LePage
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Originally posted by ohh_kristina
What if some higher/larger creature was doing that to HUMANS?
We don't need higher/larger creatures doing something we already do. It is a proven fact that there are people out there that have killed humans just to make ornaments out of the skin. Ed Gein for example was a person who killed two woemn for the skin and he also grave robbed to make things such as lamp shades, bowls and belts out of human parts.
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Only reptile skin I have, and ever will, is one I skinned myself with my father when I was around 6 or 7. We were biking and found garter snake roadkill. We used to go biking out in the country whenever he wasn't away and I would always bring a bag and take home all the dead animals and give them "proper burials" in my mom's gardens. This one didn't make it to the garden
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A lavender retic vest Ooolala.....

If it's raised/farmed to be skinned, and eaten
why not.

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i dont support the trade (reptile skin), but i do however hunt, fish, and buy leather, AND criticize those ignorant to kill herps on their land because they are snake or what not.
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Many people kill snakes on there land because they have children one bite and your child has very little of a chance of survival

Now whats more important to you a family members life or a few snakes? I dont Support people killing ven's on their property 100% but i can see why its done
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