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Talking Back from Red Deer with new additions!

Well, I had planned to go to red deer and come back with ONE snake. LOL! Who the **** was I trying to kid?????

Here's what we walked away with:

1.0 Vietnamese Blue Beauty (Thanks Mark I!)
0.1 BCI (Nice big 2 year old feeding machine!)
0.1 Kenyan sand boa. This one is ELECTRIC, kinda like Uncle Roy's. Should make a nice breeder someday.

Pictures are on my digital cam, and I'll be plugging them in when I bring the cam back to work on Monday. The BCI and VBB are my fault. RedDragon was responsible for the Kenyan. The BCI is GORGEOUS. Very dark colors, nice tail, and low speckling.

This brings the count up to 17! Yay! I'm almost a collector!
- Ken LePage
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Hehehehe, well congrats on all the new members of the family
Good luck and have fun.
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yeah i cant make it out, but since my parents couldnt give me a ride, i went and spent most of my money on used audio equipment, now i have a recording studio level of equipment in my garage, but anyways, congrats and its a pitty i couldnt make it out
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We just can't seem to EVER walk away from a show empty handed. We saw a few members at the show today, and, I must say that it was nice to finally place faces to names.

HetForHuman is a GIANT! 8 foot 10 I think! *LOL* Seriously though, really cool guy.

And it was so satisfying telling Favelle I hated him in person. *LOL*

Everyone that we ran into was just AWESOME! I hope to see you all at the Calgary show in September!
Erin Keller :eb:
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LOL... sounds like you guys had a great time! Congrats on those new additions, can't wait to see pics
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I am glad U liked the BCI and it was nice meeting u!~
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Congrats guys! Make with the pic already!
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Sorry, forgot to give credit on the other 2 snakes. Thanks for Dragons & Balls for the BCI. She's settled in nicely, and is VERY tame. No stress problems from the long trip home. Very hardy snake.

We got the Kenyan from Gordon Redman. He's someone who I am definitely hoping we will see at the Calgary show, since he has some Roseys we want.
- Ken LePage
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LMAO RedDragon.

i am not 8'10" hehe, i am 6'3" actually. LOL

But it was cool meeting you all, and i really enjoyed myself.
picked up a new female hog island boa that i have been talking about for like the last month.

and the best part was watching Walter get his head shaved by Annette, or as she is known on the board (Nett).

good to meet you all and hopefully i can make it to the calgary show as well.
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awesome! sounds like a very productive show
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The show was great. My trip there and things that happened to me before and during the first dat were not too great. I almost didn't get up there and many other things happened the first day. Low and behold I do not have any pics to post as the day started with my works high end camera being stolen out of my truck infront of my house. Sorry, no member pics. The show itself was great. Walter did a great job as usual, and the bbq was a nice touch. It was nice to meet some of the people on the site. I met Invictus, Red Dragon (kind of), Jeff Favelle, David Kwok, Tim Cranwill and of course all the people through TARAS that I already knew.

Once again GREAT show WALTER and good luck growing the mohawk and 'stache back

Greg West

I didn't get any pics obviously, but if anyone else did I hope too see some pics
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Cool! We haven't walked away from many shows empty handed either. hureey upand get some pics up.
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congrats on all the new additions..i love going to the show and getting new animals and than in the car your just so excited to put them in there new home and see them explore there new domain the red deer show better than the toronto show? im going to that this sunday because its the only one i can ever actually get to hope to go to the red show some day
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It was a good show for sure, but this ****** doesn't have any pics either because his digital was left behind in Calgary, DOH! It was nice to meet up with all the people already mentioned above & hope to see ya all again in Calgary in a few weeks. Mark I.
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I would like to tank Walter for putting on an excellent show, he put a lot of thought and effort into making it a sucess. HOW does it feel to have no hair Walter? LOL

Nice meeting all of you!!!.... See you all at the Calgary show.

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