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Old 08-30-03, 08:33 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Biggest loss yet

The past week I haven't been on.
I lost my girlfriend on Monday. She fell for an other guy.
We spent 2 years, 4 months together. We were with each other 24/7 and she even came to work with me when we had the chance.
I can't blame her since it is only human to have changes in our hearts.
This has to be the hardest thing I have had to go through yet. Would rather have gotten hurt physically than emotionally.
I will still continue to see her as a friend, she is the one who made us discover our passion for reptiles and all the reptiles we have are both ours. It will be hard but I have to keep it in till it passes.
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Dude coming from a woman,,,,,,they suck. I suggest you go out tonight, get drunk and have fun! Things will look better in the morning.

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Gotta agree with Marisa.. Go out with some friends and have a great time.
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Maybe she read all your post to delighted2b. Could be worth my last one is into chicks now. Hey man look at it this way, her loss!
Chin up,
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Michael, I am sorry for the difficult times you are going through right now. Truely loving her means letting her go... letting her be happy. If she truely wants to be with you she'll come back. I left my first boyfriend after three years, and my second after two and a half. I realized that my second (Trevor) was the one I couldn't live without when we started talking three months after splitting. Both guys and gals do crazy things... who knows what drives us... but if she never returns to you I hope you find another who will complete your life (and she had better like reptiles, too!)
Good Luck, hun! =)
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Old 08-30-03, 09:42 AM   #6 (permalink)
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Sorry to hear about the breakup... Try not to think about it and try to stay busy... Once you start thinking about it, it will only make it worse!! There is only one thing that will make it easier / forget about a x... and thats another woman...

Here is some words of wisdom that my grampa once told me... (If someone you love leaves you once, its their fault... If you take them back and they leave / hurt you again its your own fault...) These are words that I live by.... They might not work in your situation but have worked for me so far! If someone screws you once, its there fault, if they screw you again its your fault, so to speak! is offline  
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Hey don't be down, you still got your herps
Why are there braille dots on
the keypads at drive up ATMs?
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If you love someone, set them free.
If they return to you, then they are yours forever.
If they do not, hunt them down and kill them.
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Chuck you are so morbid,man !
Michael, you are right that it will pass. You just have to give it time. The other advice here is so true.....don't try to go it alone. Go out with your friends & have some fun or spend some quiet time with one or two close friends. You should not try to hold it in tho. Let it out & it will pass sooner. Let it out by crying on a good friends shoulder or puking in a good friends toilet coz you are drunk out of your mind. Whatever works for you. Just remember your friends & let go !!! Good luck & I wish you all the best to come; Dar. BIG HUG !!!
HOW TO .....
grow snakes in Nova Scotia
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THanks for the advise Chuck, but the only problem if I hunt down and kill someone, it would be that guy and I would end up in prison with a kind of girlfriend I wouln't really want to have!

Thanks Darlene, I will try to go out with a few friends, but we guys don't tend to let out our emotions as often as we should. I have tried, but couln't let it so I will have to either get drunk and see if I get get it out, or wait till it passes.
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Women. Can't live with them, and it's illegal to shoot them.

Keep your chin up, buddy. Hang in there.
- Ken LePage
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If it flys, floats or *****s it

My father told me this advice after my 2nd wife

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Originally posted by Invictus
Women. Can't live with them, and it's illegal to shoot them.

Yeah I feel the same about men.

I know it's tough, but, hang in there. Keep busy, spend more time with your friends and herps.
Erin Keller :eb:
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