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Don't drink and post on forums,
That's one I'm having a hard time to remember sometimes! I've had to edit more post because of that
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Originally posted by Stockwell
Don't forget to put that bag of 500 mice that you took 2 out of, back in the freezer.
And another would be, don't hold the Anacondas while sipping Jack Daniels naked
The Thoughts, The Word Pictures,......ROFLMAO first thing in the morning

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My water monitor once pushed a hole through the window screen while I let her roam around the room.
I thought for sure she was gone forever. I found her outside in the top of a tree at the edge of the roof!
Luckily she was pretty tame and didn't bolt when I went to retrieve her.

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Uncle Roy,

LMAO...oh what a picture that paints!
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OMG as if I just a total mental picture of Roy Stockwell tuning his guitar nude. The saddest part is I don't even know what Roy looks you can imagine what the mental picture was of.


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Speacking of herping and drinking.... A few weeks ago I decide to feed my snake when I came back from a friend's house, after a few beer. Luckly, no escape herps. But I felt asleep in front of the TV and forgot about the 2 big rat and 7-8 small one (if I remember corectly) under a heat lamp. :ashes: They all cooked and split open... and the smell... I'll never forget again!!!
www.Hiss n'
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I still have 3 mth old BCI loose in my house. But the clothes hanger thing gives me an idea, with any luck the hunt will end tonight.
Common sense, the least common of all senses
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My only oops so far was when I left the lid on my year-old corn's tank slightly ajar... found him curled up under a t-shirt in my dresser lol
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Re: Don't Drink and Herp...

Originally posted by jwsporty
Well last night was a close call...

After a long and enduring week at work I decided to pick up a bottle of wine on the way home., settle in, thaw out some rodents, feed some babies, drink a little wine and watch the tube. Drink a little more wine, well ok maybe a lot more wine.

All was fine until I fell asleep around 11:30 and then woke up at 12:30.

Downstairs, one of my baby kings was in a tub with what I thought was a secure lid. Well I was wrong...

Ah $%^&, loose cal king.

Well after 1/2 an hour of quick searching I succumbed to the fact that I was going to have to move all the furniture (again) to track him down and that I might as well just go to bed.

Well this morning I got lucky and found the little guy not too far away under the edge of the carpet. Thank God, he ate his two fuzzies, guess he couldn't move quite as quick..

Don't tell my wife she will never let me live this one down...

So has anyone else pulled a "Big Ooops" lately?

Jim you're not the only one that likes to drink...The same thing happened with me and THREE times!
First time was with my Ball 3 years ago, the same exactly, fall asleep in erect position on my couch, with the ball on my hands, after a looot of beers. After half an hour of sleep, i opened my eyes, see my hands empty and jumped up like crazy starting searching and moving every furniture in the room, when, after 1 hour of endless searching i go to sit a bit on the couch, remove the little pillow and the ball was coiled there, as nothing has happened... GOD!...i felt so idiot!
Another time happened with my burm but is a big snake and cannot go somewhere that i couldn't find him.
The 3d time happened with my aesculapian snake but not from a nap. I didn't secured the door of her cage and after an hour i saw her roaming slowly in the room, lucky me, i handle every day that snake and is very calm and never moves realy fast
But that's it! I promised to myself, never drink and herp!
The fear leads to death as the window to the courtyard...JUMP!

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