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rwg 08-29-03 08:27 AM

Humane Society BS
I read the mission statement of the Ottawa Humane Society...I was wondering if they had any kind of a rescue program for reptiles. I was surprised to find that they advocate banning through legislature the sale trade and importation of ALL exotic pets. They list about a dozen animals that they consider suitable "companion animals", and advocate banning everything else. The list contains only warm furry creatures.

While I'm not surprised to see a bias towards warm fuzzies, I'm pretty miffed that they think rats are fine as pets but that the government should not be allowing me to have a corn snake. Frickin' hipocrites.


Linds 08-29-03 09:17 AM

Its very sad... and incredibly ignorant. Some reptiles make wonderful pets. They are suitable for those poeple that may not have the time or space to dedicate to a dog or cat, and enable people that cannot keep any warm and fuzzy pets due to allergies to finally be able to have a pet they can interact with (fish just don't seem to cut it for most :p). The SPCA really needs to change their name, for the most part they couldn't give a care about the other types of pets out there, they really only care about the "cute, warm and fuzzy" animals. It's very sad, and just goes to show why education is so important! They do not have a single good reason for wanting to ban these animals as pets, every reason they throw out is insignificant if you turn it back to warm and fuzzy cases. "People let their reptiles loose, or they escape"... ok folks... how many loose reptiles do you see versus the amount of stray cats and dogs that get in to peoples garbages and cars and stuff? "People often neglect these type of pets"... hmmm.... again... I think the warm and fuzzy cases of this is outnumbered again. "They are dangerous"... lmao... how many escaped pythons attack innocent people??? <B>0</B>, and how about serious accidents? Not many... look how many cases of dog or cat attacks you get every year though :rolleyes: They make such feeble arguements, I don't even know how it can come to be :rolleyes:

drewlowe 08-29-03 09:31 AM

Lets see i'm sitting here now with 4 nice size scratches from a cat. From last sunday. And i've kept my entire collection of herps for around 3 years now with NO scratches. Oh and i have a scratch on my belly from the dog upstairs. Cute and cuddly my a$$. lol I'll take my herps any day.

I don't like the spca. They won't take the time and educate them selfes with anything else beside furry animals.

Lisa 08-29-03 09:36 AM

Also herps are great for those that are allergic to the furry animals.

OttawaChris 08-29-03 11:46 AM

Dont even get me started on the Ottawa Humane Society or the city bylaws.... grrrrr

In short... the city hired an "expert" consultant named James Bandow to write the new bylaws. He basically recommended banning anything but dogs cats and goldfish. When I wrote him to ask what he knew about any of the animals he recommended a ban of he wrote back that he didnt know much about most of them... but he has been consulting on city bylaws for 30 years and that makes him an expert. (If I can find the email I will post it on here for you all to laugh at)

I forwarded that reply to the entire Ottawa city council and offered my services as a water quality engineer... after all I have been drinking water for 25 years so I must be an expert right? ;)

marisa 08-29-03 11:52 AM


The other thing is you can't even adopt an animal from the local humane society. It's easier to adopt a human baby than it is a cat or dog with all the dirty looks, accusations, and questions they ask you. Yes I know they want good homes and to not get the dog back but COME ON! Either stop complaining about your lak of space or start being civil and respectful to people.

:D They are just plain nuts at those places if you ask me.


Pia 08-30-03 12:12 AM

Great reply Chris, lmao!!. Sadly, this is the problem, most of the people making the rules have no knowledge of reptiles, nor do most of the people who complain loud enough to get politicians' attention.

jwsporty 08-30-03 04:55 AM

Agreed Chris, we have a council full of "experts",

$%^&ing boneheads

So with my 27 years water drinking experience in Ottawa, I guess that makes me a more qualified "expert" than you...;)

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