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Old 08-28-03, 08:01 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Here is a picture of our new place! We have been here a month now. Me and my boys have been having so much fun exploring our own land....It is a 25 acre Ranch. We have called it Dreamcatcher Ranch. I am having a sign made that resembles my Tattoo on my arm

My 5 year old Brodie and one of his MANY catches! He catches at least 2 snakes a day...I am so proud He has places he checks everyday for them.

My 9 year old Tyler. He is not as fond as Brodie is of snakes....I was really surprized when he came to house with this big one! He does help Brodie lift rocks and wood for him to check under though...what a nice big brother

This is my best find so far! A big nasty Eastern Milksnake. It was under the fence and fiercly stood its ground while I took lots of pictures if it. Was it ever mean!

This is one of 6 River Otters that came up from the river into our pond. They were not afraid of us or the dogs! They just swam around and ate all of our stocked rainbow trout! Was Kurt ever mad! LOL :P Me and Brodie though it was cool though. But, now we are afraid to stock the pond again!

These are my horses. Sassy is the bay and Beau is the blk& Wht Paint...both of his eyes are blue! Sassy is due to have a baby in the spring! It is So nice to have them home I took this picture while standing on my back deck.

And these are my I love chickens! I am actually looking for more...I need some different "morphs" LOL

Well that all for now...I will post more soon. I hope you all enjoyed
Teresa Wittig
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Great pics Teresa! That looks like an AWESOME place, I'm soooo jealous. I love your horses!!
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are those pet chickens?.....i saw the coolest looking chickens up by my parents cottage....a lady that lives up there has all sorts of fancy chickens but the ones that blew me away looked like they had hair not feathers, the feathers were really fine and poofy especially around their feet. Wish I remembered what they were called. Awesome looking ladies!
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beautiful looking land/property got to love being on a farm
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Wow Teresa! I am soooo jealous! You have a spare room in that house?

Nice horses - the pie is gorgeous! (so is the bay, of course

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that looks like an awesome house and piece of land. not too far from me either. I always thought it would be cool to live on a huge piece of land, but then u gotta lose a bunch of other conviniences, buti guess its worth it if its what u really want. im not sure yet
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hehe but she forgot to mention the unbelieveably LONG drive it is to get there!!!!LOL
nice pics tereasa ,tell brody hes still gotta catch me a really big watersnake.! when i come up so he better find some really cool places to look.
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really nice place, wish i had a place like that.(someday)
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Wow!!! I am there with the others and totally jealous!!!

Congrats on the new home :thumbsup: When I think of buying a property and getting out of the city I dream of something like that.

Hopefully one day

Keeper of 5 snakes, leopard geckos, 1 green iguana, 20+ tarantulas, 2 dogs & a bunch of rats!
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Old 08-28-03, 10:51 PM   #11 (permalink)
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Join Date: Jan-2003
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Beautiful home/land your horses are great, post some pics of the new baby coming in the spring
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Congratulations on the new house.

Stewart Stick
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Wow, I'll get myself a place like that when I am financially established (hopefully, well, I am sure I'll accomplish that...someday). Congrat Teresa.
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Wow... what a gorgeous place!! And the chickens... Oh and the chickens! Id you sold those on your site, man, I would buy 'em all!! I LOVE baby chicks and I LOVE adult chickens. Next summer, I might be able to own a chicken for an entire week! Yay!
I love Sassy... such a nice colour! Beau is also really pretty too. Looks like your sons are having a great time up there too! Man, am I ever jelous! the fact that you own chickens makes me even more jelous Congrats on your dreamhouse!!
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Wow, that's just amazing. I've always dreamt of living on a ranch as beautiful as that. You have beautiful children and animals too... you've just got the whole package!!
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