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Old 08-28-03, 10:01 AM   #1 (permalink)
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September 07 Toronto Reptile Expo

Wow what an awesome back to back weekend for Canadians the Red Deer Expo out west and then out East the Toronto Reptile Expo. Both shows are looking really good. Once again we will be filled to the max with vendors offering their respective herps and products.

Location: 765 Third Street Mississauga
(East of Cawthra Road)
Army Navy Air Force Club- BAr on site for "legal" aged....
Admission $5.00 adults $3.00 for children
for more information see

Port Credit Pet Centre (Reptile Central)
Arboreal Exotics
Scotty Allen
Durham Snake Group
Global Exotics
The Ontario Frog Watch
Mark Pepper
Advanced Terrarium Systems
Tail whip Iguana Rescue
Canadian Coldblood
Reptile Amazone
Durham Snake Group
The Ontario Herpetological Society
The Ontario Turtle and Tortoise Society
Phil Ramos
Tarzet Exotic Pets
Reptile Rainforest
Walking Rock Mugs
High Quality Reptiles
The Reptile Store
JD Terrariums
MArty McManus
HISS and HERSS Pythons
Markus Jane Ball Pythons
Herp Haven
Rob Ward
Hatched Exotics
Clint Gilders
Exotic Wings n Things
Woodland Edge Herps
and a few more last minute vendors.....
If everyone could just get along this world would be better for all living things.

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Old 08-28-03, 02:23 PM   #2 (permalink)
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great lineup Grant! should be fun.
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I called and booked a table a few weeks ago. I should be on that list too!
Teresa Wittig
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Can't wait Grant! It's so exciting to see my name on that list for the first time Hehe...
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sounds like its going to be a mad house AGAIN!!! I have been busy with work and other things I have going on outside of cyberspace so I havent been online much, but I cant wait to see everyone again at the show! is offline  
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Cant wait....See you all there
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is Cindy the Reptile Woman not going to have a table there?
I should be going. this will be my first one so i will see u all there hopefully
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I'm going Can't wait to see you all ...maybe I'll buy some plants or something
Heather Rose
"Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention." - John Doe, Seven
Heather Rose Reptiles
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Jeff- need another 2 hour break???
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I'll be there as always..The Sept. and Nov shows always have the greatest variety and the highest attendance.. Come early if you want a parking spot
See you all there.
Uncle Roy
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It's a Lifestyle
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Old 08-29-03, 08:09 AM   #11 (permalink)
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I hear the Legion callin' upon some of us... Brave soldiers we are, takin' any challenge thrown at us... step down the 3 steps and walk into the door where we enter a grave battle feild. Minds must be made whether we take on the famous Budweiser, most of the times, however, Guiness shows up and well as Lite... What will be the outcome... will the geezers at the bar support our cuase... only September Seventh can tell us...

The recruits are as follows...

Roy and his Posse
Daan ( in spirit )
The dude with long blonde hair

And we all expect more people to show...

To honour!
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Sounds like it'll be lots of fun!
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Originally posted by Dozer
The recruits are as follows...

Roy and his Posse
Daan ( in spirit )
The dude with long blonde hair
And you can add in Mike (unless he gets called in to work... ugh... he keeps writing it on the calendar and someone keeps scratching it off ), and probably my friend Mark too
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I'm going too! It'll be my first reptile expo and I'll FINALLY get to meet all of you awesome people! I should also be expecting a couple surprises (and no... no herps or supplies) from a couple members of which I cannot mention here, so I'm excited for that too Yee hee, only a week left!! Here're who I'm hopefully going to meet at the show!

All the staff
Kyle (But only if I can convince him to sing for me!! nah, jk.. I want to meet him even if he doesn't sing for me!)
Matt and Susan
Teresa from tarzets
All of the Jenns...

Oh man... I could go on FOREVER! But I won't waste your time listening to me blab. I can't wait for the show!

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I'll be joining you all in the bar.. as soon as my table clears..
Just me.. no one else.. no moms, husbands, or kids, just me..
Renée Beausoleil
Hatched Exotics
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