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Scare of a lifetime...

What has been your biggest scare so far in your life?

Mine was about 6 years ago when I was still playing comptetitive hockey... I was checked from behind into the boards. I blacked out and when I came around again about 3 minutes later I could not move my legs.

The next 10 minutes felt like hours to me... this was the first time in my life that I really knew what it felt like to be afraid (I have no phobias and don't scare easily) Luckily I regained full mobility after about 15 minutes and then I (the dummy) went out to play the 3rd period in agony LOL.

In the end it turns out that I had a nasty concussion and had broken my ribs at the back and pushed a vertebrae and apparently twisted and pinched a nerve which caused the temporary paralysis. I dodged a big bullet that time!! Still hurts like hell when I sneeze though LOL
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Biggest scare hmmmm....

That would be when i was 9 i was riding a friends bike and he thought it would be funny not to tell me that the wheel was loose. (what an A$$clown he was) well i was going up a huge hill and the front wheel started shaking like mad next thing i remember was having a crowd of people standing around me crying and blood all over the place. My sister came down to get me to take me to the hospital. She was completly flipping out. I ended up with 9 stiches in my head, a broken nose, and looked like i tried to commit suiced cause i had huge looked like rug burns on my wrist. I had the worst headache for days. To this day if i get hit in the slightest in the nose it will start to bleed. You flick my nose and it will bleed. I sneeze to hard it will bleed. Oh well beats having surgery on it. My nickname for the longest time was lightning bolt.

People say my scar looks like harry potters. I tell them all the time i had mine first so harry potters copied off of me.

The funny thing is my nephew has the exact same scar in the exact same place cause his little brother hit him in the head with an aluminum baseball bat.
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Location: Calgary, Alberta
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About a month ago I went into our yard at work after hours to get some glass. We have a guard dog (german shepard - biggest one I have ever seen) who no one is allowed to know other than 4 'masters'. I have been out with one or two of those people when the dog was out and everything was fine. This time I ppeked out the door to make sure it was alright, and when he came to the door to let me out the dog came in and grabbed me by the arm. Scariest 10 seconds of my life lately. My wrist swelled up to the size of my forarm instantly and I had gouge marks in my wrist. Luckily because he is an actual attack dog i think they filed his teeth down. Me and the other guy basically had to drag the dog and my arm to the door, and we somehow got him out and my arm out of his mouth. We told the trainer about what happened and he basically said I was lucky he didn't go for the face or my throat, as he is trained to attack anywhere.

Other than that I was also attacked by a dog when I was 6 in Ireland on my Grandpas farm and had to get 20 stitches to close a deep wound on my arm.

You would think I would hate dogs, but I can't wait to get one.

edit: The pic of my arm was a couple of days later when the swelling wasn't so bad. The dog didn't do that much damage actually other than a little nerve damage. Basically I was lucky and we acted fast
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Mine was when I was diving commercially. I was at 250' on surface supplied with limited bail-out and the console operator wasn't suppling the +10' gas supply. Didn't know if it was a malfunction. The stage was not working so I couldn't count on doing Sur "D", my Comm was out and I was facing the distinct possibility of having to surface with out proper Deco. They were able to fix the gas supply but I had to do In-water Deco. Scared the crap outta me.
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I was about 13, and i was doing backflips into a pool, when I miscalculated and cracked my head against the edge of the pool and fell into the water. The impact knocked my retainer out of my mouth. I swam out and sat on a chair to catch my breath, but my head was throbbing something terrible. So I put my hand to my head to hold it, and when I looked at my hand it was completely covered in blood. I ran for my mom, who freaked out, and we went to the hospital. I remember sobbing when she said that they'd have to shave my head. (they didn't)

I didn't need an x-ray, because the gash was so deep the doctors could see my skull, and could tell it wasn't fractured. They stitched it up from the inside with biodegradable thread, and then stapled up the top. I still have a white scar on my scalp where they stapled.

The weirdest thing was that the next year, during eighth grade algebra, any time that I thought too hard about a problem, my scar would vibrate really fast back and forth on my head...
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mine was when i fell off a 4 story building and broke my tail bone some bone in my neck bolth legs all my ribs my colar bone and spleen and was in a coma 4 a week and when i came out i didnt remember my name my dads name or any thing
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I am still off worke now I fell off a roof in may it was 30 feet to the ground I did a backwers swan dive of a ladder one complet flip landed feet first shaterd my foot they had to bolt it balk together That scared the $hi* out of me
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Location: hamilton, ontario, canada
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I played Highschool football, and was a Linebacker. For those that don't know, linebacker is a defensive position that requires you to tackle the running back, quarterback, and sometimes the slotbacks while they are running with the ball. HOwever, the problem is the 300+lbs. linemen that are trying to kill you. One time I was coming around the corner of the offensive line to get hte quarterback and got absolutely creamed from the side of me....didn't even see it comin'! I blacked out for a couple of minutes (I was told that...I really have no idea how long I was out for). I woke up with a killer headache and tingling all over. I couldn't move my legs, and I saw spots. Turned out to be a horrible concussion.
Good thread...
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Mine would have too have been 2 years ago when I was working with one of my Androctinus austrailis and I was distracted for a second by my dog needing out for a pee when...I felt it I got stung on the finger! I was lucky though it was a dry sting or else I would not be here tellin you about it *FEW* I seriously thought thought I was gonna die. At the time I don't think there was anti-venom on canada.

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Mine happened last year at Horseshoe Valley Ski resort at the last CSRA race of the season, we had to race up one side of the mountain and come back down (of course), its just when you got to the top it was pure ice, coming back down was a challenge, i think it was the second bend when i finally lost it, i went over the edge of the track and slammed into the front of my handle bars (i had a bruise on my right leg from my hip to my knee, a bunch of smaller ones on the left and had to get my spleen x-rayed), it was all i could do was keeping the sled straight so it wouldnt rolled (everyone else rolled at that spot)i had the breaks on full and doing a Fred Flinstone stop as well....slid about 30 ft done this mountain, i still remember it vividly....
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